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Monthly Archives: February 2011

the candy hearts

Valentine’s Day may be over, but that doesn’t mean the candy isn’t still worth buying. I was intrigued by these… Continue reading »

the plates

I drive by Party Favors on Beacon Street at least once a day. Although I’m not planning any celebrations currently,… Continue reading »

the nail polish

I paint my nails maybe once every six months. I like the idea of painted nails, but I hate the… Continue reading »

the donut

Instead of Saturday brunch at a sit-down restaurant, how about a $1 donut? I sampled some amazing confections from Kane’s… Continue reading »

the jelly hearts

I love pretty much any jelly candy that is coated in sugar — peach rings, watermelon slices, sour gummy worms,… Continue reading »

the soap

Has there always been a $1 basket at The Body Shop? What a great idea! This spiced vanilla soap (a… Continue reading »

the salt dish

This darling dish wasn’t created specifically for salt, but that is where I’ve put it to use. I like to… Continue reading »

the beginning

One day, while sitting at a stoplight that faced a Dunkin’ Donuts (which is basically any stoplight in Boston), I… Continue reading »