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Monthly Archives: March 2011

the cadbury egg

‘Tis the season for all varieties of egg-shaped candy. Looking back, I’m a little embarrassed that I paid a dollar… Continue reading »

the map

I decided today that I should give myself a wall-decorating deadline. I’ve been in this apartment a little over six… Continue reading »

the apples

I like to keep my fruit bowl nice and full. The bowl’s contents aren’t always diverse (every now and then… Continue reading »

the gravy boat (and chocolate!)

OK, let me explain. A few days ago, I spotted a JC Penney flier among the stacks of catalogs and… Continue reading »

the ear warmers

Last year at this time I had already been to the beach once. The end of March should feel like… Continue reading »

the basil

I fell in love today with Johnny D’s Fruit & Produce in Brighton. I live for fresh fruits and vegetables,… Continue reading »

the modeling clay

Here’s another one to add to the gift stash I keep on hand for nieces and nephews and other small… Continue reading »

the ice cream

Sometimes when you’re at Target buying practical, slightly boring items (laundry detergent, black beans, diced tomatoes) you get a craving… Continue reading »

the pita bread

When I bought these pitas at Damascus Bakery in Brooklyn they were still warm from the oven. So so soft… Continue reading »

the lollipop

What could be better than eating sweets at the park on a sunny day? (That sunny day was most definitely… Continue reading »