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Monthly Archives: May 2011

the cilantro

Let me tell you about my heartbreak of the year. I have no place to grow herbs at my apartment… Continue reading »

the cannoli

We took this whole Memorial Day thing seriously and spent a few hours celebrating the life of a real patriot… Continue reading »

the waffle cone

This waffle cone had a little more ice cream in it when I carried it out of J.P. Licks, but… Continue reading »

the dinner rolls

While on a walk to Coolidge Corner this afternoon to attend to some errands, we made a stop at When… Continue reading »

the peanut butter sandwich cookie

I consider myself to be fairly proficient in the kitchen, but nothing I do will ever come close to the… Continue reading »

the artichoke hearts

Artichoke hearts have become a pantry staple for me. And at Ocean State Job Lot, the 6 ounce jars cost… Continue reading »

the milk glass footed bowl

While wandering around Newton Centre last Saturday, we stumbled upon a yard sale hosted by the local Knights of Columbus…. Continue reading »

the mini bread pan

I just made banana bread in what is probably the tiniest and cutest bread pan you’ve ever seen. At 3″… Continue reading »

the notecards

I’m not normally one to purchase wolf or Native American paraphernalia, but these note cards were a rather fortuitous find…. Continue reading »

the mushrooms

A late-afternoon walk brought me to Johnny D’s Fruit & Produce in Brighton today. My fridge is void of vegetables… Continue reading »