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Monthly Archives: July 2011

the butterscotch sauce

I never knew what butterscotch could taste like until tonight. Rancatore’s homemade sauce shifted my butterscotch paradigm in a huge… Continue reading »

the ciabatta roll

This attempt at spending a dollar was actually a failure, but not for lack of trying. Noodles & Company has… Continue reading »

the toothpicks

It’s been a looong week at work, so attending my church’s gourmet dinner club tonight was a special treat. The… Continue reading »

the marshmallows

Though there are rarely any treasures on the secret clearance shelf at Target, I always have high hopes right before… Continue reading »

the peaches

I can’t really explain why I have such an affinity for Harris Teeter. Whenever I’m at home in Virginia, I… Continue reading »

the custard topping

One night a few weeks ago, my sister Page treated us to milkshakes at Milwaukee Frozen Custard using her husband’s… Continue reading »

the enchilada-style burrito

Though I will be an east coast snob until the day I die, I do look back fondly on the… Continue reading »

the ginger cake

Traffic was slow going as we drove north on I-64 last week, so we took a one-hour stop to walk… Continue reading »

the salt water taffy

When I go to the Outer Banks, I take my beach time very seriously. In fact, I often go the… Continue reading »

the propel

No matter how many days I spend at the Outer Banks, it’s never enough. Last week I spent an enormous… Continue reading »