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Monthly Archives: October 2011

the avocados

I may be going overboard with the $1 Johnny D’s purchases lately, but I just can’t help myself. I’m used… Continue reading »

free day: the neck cream

I somehow received this little tub of StriVectin neck cream in the mail — maybe a free sample I requested online… Continue reading »

the baby shoes

I love any excuse to buy tiny shoes, and when I saw these at Target for $2 I knew I… Continue reading »

the princess pens

Well, I’m back from Virginia. I had a lovely long weekend with my family, including a ladies only overnight trip… Continue reading »

the breakfast wrap

I’ve been trapped at Boston Logan for the last four hours waiting for a flight, and the end is nowhere… Continue reading »

substitute spender: the glitter

My BFF Camilla came up from New York for a visit a few weekends ago, and we stumbled upon a… Continue reading »

the mini latte bowl

I never dreamed Anthropologie would make it onto this blog. Don’t get me wrong — I melt at the always-beautiful… Continue reading »

free day: the football game (and lunch!)

Although most of Harvard’s campus is in Cambridge, its athletics facilities and business school are across the Charles River in… Continue reading »

the brussels sprouts

This is the blessed $1 corner at Johnny D’s in Brighton. Though most items on the shelves require same- or… Continue reading »

the lemons

When lemons are $0.89 apiece at Shaw’s, you know it’s time to head to Johnny D’s. Three for $1.00 is… Continue reading »