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Monthly Archives: November 2011

the shackburger

We clearly had no trouble spending our dollars in New York. Get ready for at least a week’s worth of… Continue reading »

the bagel

When we visit Brooklyn we go on lots of walks and eat lots of bagels. Actually, I go on lots… Continue reading »

free day: the martha stewart show tickets

Well, it looks like it’s been a week since I last visited this (technically daily) blog. Holidays will do that… Continue reading »

the snow peas

I’m always attempting to add more vegetables to my diet, so I was delighted to see this $0.99 bag of… Continue reading »

the $1 lunch

It appears that Groupon has picked up on my idea that dollar deals are the key to happiness. Today, in… Continue reading »

the dessert gum

Well, it’s my lucky day. I acquired two packs of Extra Dessert Delights gum for a dollar (even though they… Continue reading »

free day: the tote bag

There is something new hanging on my coat rack, and I couldn’t love it more. We learned about book marketing… Continue reading »

the sour jacks

Just so you know, Sour Jacks from CVS are nothing like Sour Patch Kids. Even if they’re on sale for… Continue reading »

the rice

Tonight was one of the rare times I felt in the mood for Chinese food. It’s just not my favorite,… Continue reading »

the chocolate bar

Although I could never ever choose just one favorite dessert, toffee ranks right up there among my most-loved sweets. Last… Continue reading »