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April 2017

We kicked off our April with a general conference weekend. I can’t say the kids were this attentive the entire time, but we had a solid start!

I’ve never taken the kids to Ben & Jerry’s free cone day for fear of the lines, but it turns out it was a breeze. We got a miracle parking spot in Harvard Square, and we didn’t have to wait for our ice cream! Totally worth it. (I even tried to share my ice cream with Shaw — I figured at 18 months he at least deserved a taste. But he was NOT interested.)

Tim’s parents came to town for a few days. Drumlin Farm is always extra fun with friends.

Cambridge Common in coats.

We cleared some space in our backyard for a trampoline, which meant we had to pull out the weird metal pole that was cemented into the ground. Only took three guys and a handful of kids.

Middlesex Fells fun.

This is typical Shaw — covered in dirt, making a grumpy face.

How cute are these two BFFs? Reading in their recliners like an elderly couple.

We went to our traditional Good Friday egg hunt with friends in Cambridge.

Soren’s first year in the older kids division!

I love this scene — cuddles and books.

Our church also had an Easter egg hunt. Never gets old.

Happy Easter from the great-grandparents. Nothing like a solid chocolate bunny.

Marathon Monday!

We had an MFA membership for a year, and it wasn’t until our last visit that we discovered the courtyard.

Saturday morning park renovations.

We drove to New York to find my parents along the Appalachian Trail. They’re thru-hiking all summer, so we had to catch them when they were ready for a weekend break. The trail goes through a small zoo, complete with a Walt Whitman statue.

In the weeks leading up to our visit with the hikers, Tim talked nonstop about taking them to a Chinese buffet, since that was what thru hikers were supposed to do. It ended up being a most fascinating people-watching experience.

We met up with the Laidlaw-Morrises at a cute goat farm in Poughkeepsie. Soren decorated one of the farm cats with dandelions.

This is how we drove around all weekend. “We shoulda gotten a minivan!” Tim says.

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