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August 2015 — Part 2

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Back in Boston, we had a sad Friday saying goodbye to the once-a-week preschool Soren had been attending for about a year. He started there through the amazing Early Intervention program, and then he got to stay on as a “community” kid when he didn’t requalify for EI services (although the beloved in-home play visits had to end). Oh, how we loved Miss Courtney. I snuck into class on the last day to properly document things.

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Soren loved playtime at the school’s “gym” (also known as the gross motor room).

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IMG_20150814_102631 (1)

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I already have plans to get my second baby into Miss Courtney’s group as soon as he hits 18 months!

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Tim and Soren often go on “adventures” on Saturday and Sunday mornings. When I download Tim’s photos, I’m never quite sure what they’re about, but Soren just explained this one: “Remember that big huge dead fish?”

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A happy Saturday at our beloved Nahant Beach.


I started getting crazy sentimental the day before Soren’s birthday and had to start taking loads of photos and videos.


I can’t remember how this started, but Soren loves to play games that involve slides and balls of any size. He throws them down the slide, and I’m supposed to try to catch them.



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We loved the outdoor concerts at one of our libraries this summer (even if they were really poorly attended). We’d bring takeout, spread out a blanket, and enjoy nearly private concerts and free books to take home. Plus, Soren loves those lion sprayers.

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I decided I would try to document (on video) a bunch of things Soren learned while he was 2. But, of course, he was opposed to the idea since it involved videos. I used M&M’s for bribery, and on the day I finally got him to agree to doing the videos, I couldn’t think of very much to ask him to do! Oh well.

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And then, the birthday! The stupid package of balloons I got from the dollar store only had ONE red balloon in it. So Soren latched on to that thing and played with it for weeks.

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Candles at every meal! Actually, I think we only did candles at breakfast and forgot about them the rest of the day. I told Soren he could pick a special birthday breakfast, and he chose boring oatmeal. (In “Curious George and the Birthday Surprise,” George and the man in the yellow hat are eating breakfast, and the food in George’s bowl looks like it could be oatmeal. Soren decided he wouldn’t have anything else for his birthday breakfast.)

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Soren’s birthday outing took us to Sunshine Farm for raspberry picking (and ice cream eating).

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Chocolate peanut butter cookie dough. Let’s just say I’m good at picking ice cream flavors.

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The day after the birthday is just as fun — new toys! Oma and Opa indulged Soren’s Duplo obsession. Soren has more than once referred to himself as a “Duplo maniac.”

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While I was at a baby shower, Soren and Tim took an adventure on the train. I loved seeing this sight on my drive home. I also love Soren’s go-to position when riding on Tim’s shoulders — arms crossed, resting on Tim’s head.

IMG_20150822_110723 (1)

Oh, and here are a few pics from Tim’s phone from that day’s outing. Tim says Soren needs to know the type of each tree in the Public Garden.

IMG_20150822_110553 (1)

Busy day with the ducklings. Of course Soren commandeered Mrs. Mallard.

IMG_20150822_110447 (1)

People may think he’s a girl on occasion, but how could we cut these curls? I get comments at least weekly from strangers who tell me I shouldn’t cut his hair. “I cut my son’s curls off and they never grew back!” the sweet grandmas tell me.

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And then, Soren’s birthday party! We didn’t do any sort of a party when Soren turned 1 or 2, so this year we decided to throw a minimalist bash in the “backyard.”

IMG_20150822_174605 (1)

Costco pizza is all Soren really needs to be happy. He spent much of the party lounging and eating, watching the other kids run wild and make a mess of his sandbox and pool.

IMG_20150822_174851 (1)

I don’t like cake. And I’ve never done a birthday cake for Soren before. This year I figured I’d persuade him to choose ice cream or brownies or a pie for his birthday treat. But then I got sucked into Pinterest one day and my cake aversion went out the window. So, Sorens greatest dream came true — chocolate cake plus construction equipment.

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In the weeks leading up to his birthday, I asked Soren repeatedly who he’d want to invite to a party. His first answer was always Paulina, his beloved babysitter.

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Sidewalk chalk for the win! And then our driveway was full of chalk outlines and looked like a crime scene. Also, if you want a great deal on sidewalk chalk, I got this giant box for only $5 on Amazon. Waaay better deal than Target.

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Toward the end of the month Soren was running through the house and stepped on a stray birthday balloon. He did something to his ankle in the process, and he spent the morning crawling around the house to avoid putting pressure on the ankle. He would lay on the couch with books or scoot around the rug playing with Duplos. Nothing had changed by the afternoon, so I took him in to the doctor to have it checked out. First X-rays!

IMG_20150827_154047 (1)

He was very serious about the whole thing.

IMG_20150827_163531 (1)

The doctor concluded it probably wasn’t broken, but advised us to come back if nothing had changed in a day or two since those tiny ankle bones can be tricky. She wrapped up his ankle and sent us on our way (with advice to have him wear shoes that would support his ankle… as if we own any like that). Here he is crawling up the stairs.

IMG_20150828_182928 (1)

I couldn’t love a photo more than I love this one. So many wonderful things happening here — sunset, Walden, my boys swimming, perfect late-summer temperatures.

IMG_20150829_105916 (1)

One Saturday morning I got to go to a killer barre class in Back Bay for one of my “work” projects. So Soren and Tim headed to our beloved fountain park.

IMG_20150829_105742 (1)

His happy place.

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