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August 2016

Started our month off with some white board fun. It’s rare that Soren will carry on a normal conversation while I video, so I love this one.

A few weeks before Soren’s birthday, we received a surprise delivery.

One morning we took our lunch to the “front yard,” which turned into band practice with trash can drums and tree branch drumsticks.

Library day is the best day of the week — peace and quiet for me.

After a somewhat-stressful summer, we closed on our new house!

Soren enjoyed full access to Sharpies for drawing on moving boxes. This lovely piece of artwork shows a guy sitting on a toilet. Classy.

A few random August videos:

First lollipop at the ripe-old age of almost-4.

We had the saddest goodbye at our beloved Faneuil library. Oh, how we miss those librarians!

A highlight of the new house is even better access to public transit than our Boston spot. Tim and Soren took the train to church to celebrate.

Visiting the de Cordova hearts on a perfect summer day.

“Can you imagine? First it’s green and little, and then it gets older and brown.”

We also discovered the fun inside the museum this visit.

Neither kid could make it home awake. So I sat in the driveway, enjoying my own quiet time.

Swing lover.

Soren’s last day as a 3-year-old! We shared a cupcake.

And we took fuzzy selfies while cuddling.

And then, suddenly, he turned 4! We had a quick breakfast at home before heading off to Thomas Land for the day!

His face doesn’t show it here, but he was thrilled.

Literally jumping for joy.

We hit the regular part of the park first and saved actual Thomas Land for last.

Carefully studying the map while riding the train that (very slowly) winds around the park.

Is there anything sweeter than a 4-year-old who rests his hand on your leg during amusement park rides?

Shaw had a good time, too.

Barely tall enough to ride the Troublesome Trucks roller coaster!

Soren got to volunteer to help during the show at the roundhouse. (Which was THE lamest show I’d ever seen.)

Pumping break for mama. Five stars for Edaville’s nursing room!

Soren and Tim on the ferris wheel. One of about five times they rode it.

That night we continued on to the Cape. I can’t picture anything better than a week at the beach.

Better than a regular week at the beach is a week at the beach with Paulina! She came for a few days and had lots of good playtime with Soren.


Having Paulina around also meant we got to go out sans kids a couple of nights. Ice cream!

It was all fun and games until our car died while we were out one night. Tim and I waited a few hours for a tow truck to arrive. And that began our month with no car!

But who needs a car when you’ve got the beach.

These two.

Our daily setup.

Going to the beach with kids means reading time is drastically cut down. But I finished a couple books while we were there!

The walk home was just long enough for Soren to fall asleep. He plays hard!

Backyard naps.

Shaw and Tim spent a lot of time at the house to keep Shaw sufficiently napped. But he did get in some good beach time!

Wave jumping never gets old.

Nature’s sand toys.

Another day, another book.

Another backyard nap.

Chasing seagulls.

And back at home. It was strange to come “home” to our new house, which we’d only been living in for a few days before our vacation. Soren was back to business as usual right away.

We continued our no-car life and got friendly with public transportation. Here, Shaw chews on our Charlie card.

Adapting to bus life.

I swear the squirrels are getting crazier every year.

Pizza in the stroller basket means it was a good afternoon in Harvard Square.

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