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August 2017

August was THE month of travel. So many trip pictures I might have to break this month up into multiple posts.

We started our August off with a regular park visit (this is a near-daily occurrence).

That same day, Soren and Tim went on a boat tour for Tim’s work, so Shaw and I hopped on the train and met them at the Frog Pond after.

Free as a bird.

Stopped at Area Four on the way home for dinner, and Soren was pleased to find a nice scootering path right next to our outdoor table.

And then, I headed off for my very first kid-free trip! It could not have been more amazing. We kicked off our first morning with a little capitol-building workout.

Wedding day!

Why yes, this is in a hospital chapel.

DDD forever.

I had the best visit with my favorite Bennetts.

Then on to the party. Perfect backyard reception.

Spent the next day walking the city, eating, pedicure-ing, shopping, talking, and taking photos.

Sunday morning brought us to Music and the Spoken Word at the conference center. My first time attending (or listening/watching at all), and it was amazing!


Then on to brunch at the Grand America. Also amazing.

Got to see this love twice in three days while in Utah! Also got to see Reagan and fam, Aunt Dana, and a few cousins. When I moved away from Utah 8+ years ago, I thought I might never return. But that place is filled with a lot of people I love!

We were surprised to see Soren on the front page of the WSJ one day. He’s famous.

While I was in Utah, Soren did a lot of this.

Shaw chased ducks.

Spotted this creepy lady at the park one day. Shaw was fascinated but would not go near her.

The next day he faced his fears and picked up the doll head.

And then we were off to Portugal! Portugal needs its own few posts…

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