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Book Report: 2014 Whitney Awards Historical Finalists

I’m kind of fanatical about having purpose and structure in my reading. I can’t just pick a book off a… Continue reading »

Book Report: Trucks, Trains, and Other Things That Go

With literally hundreds of books to choose from at the library each week, you’d think it would be a cinch… Continue reading »

Don’t Forget to Write

When I moved from Utah six years ago I left behind a job I really, really loved. My bosses and co-workers… Continue reading »

August 2014

August was pretty amazing. Sometimes in August I start to get really anxious about the cold weather that is surely just… Continue reading »

All in a Week’s Work: Tuesday

Continuing with our week of documentation (following our Monday recap)… Tuesday: Soren delighted us by sleeping in until almost 6 a.m…. Continue reading »

free day: the tote bag

There is something new hanging on my coat rack, and I couldn’t love it more. We learned about book marketing… Continue reading »

free day: the neck cream

I somehow received this little tub of StriVectin neck cream in the mail — maybe a free sample I requested online… Continue reading »

the soap saver

If I had to pick just one kitchen store to shop at for the rest of my life, I don’t… Continue reading »

the library tour

Today we did the official art and architecture tour of one of my favorite Boston buildings — the Boston Public… Continue reading »

the book

Another lucky find at Goodwill! By the way, am I the only one who thinks the Goodwill in Jamaica Plain… Continue reading »