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the cream cheese

When cream cheese goes on sale, I start dreaming about these peanut butter brownies. Philadelphia brand cream cheese is close… Continue reading »

the dvd

After about a month of neglecting a few key household duties, I finally found time again this week for things… Continue reading »

the dark chocolate peanut butter cups

I don’t think there is any food combination in this world better than chocolate and peanut butter. And it helps… Continue reading »

the cookie

Alright, this is our last New York post, and then it’s back to Boston! Before we left town we went… Continue reading »

free day: the skin care products

And now, part two of our Small Business Saturday extravaganza. Since Tim and I have separate Amex cards, we each… Continue reading »

free day: the brunch

OK, I’m back for real this time. No more week-long breaks. I apologize for my neglect, but I have a… Continue reading »

the bubbles

Another dollar recipient in Central Park was this bubble man. Look at the excitement on those children’s faces! These were… Continue reading »

the jokes

While walking through Central Park the day after Thanksgiving, we stumbled upon joke teller Jason Schneider, who I heard about… Continue reading »

the canned pumpkin

Call me un-American, but I do not love pumpkin pie. I mean, it’s fine — I would eat it if… Continue reading »

the shackburger

We clearly had no trouble spending our dollars in New York. Get ready for at least a week’s worth of… Continue reading »