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the dvd

After about a month of neglecting a few key household duties, I finally found time again this week for things… Continue reading »

the jokes

While walking through Central Park the day after Thanksgiving, we stumbled upon joke teller Jason Schneider, who I heard about… Continue reading »

free day: the martha stewart show tickets

Well, it looks like it’s been a week since I last visited this (technically daily) blog. Holidays will do that… Continue reading »

the sour jacks

Just so you know, Sour Jacks from CVS are nothing like Sour Patch Kids. Even if they’re on sale for… Continue reading »

free day: the aquarium

Although I am pretty much the opposite of an animal lover — I am 100% anti pets — I somehow… Continue reading »

free day: the football game (and lunch!)

Although most of Harvard’s campus is in Cambridge, its athletics facilities and business school are across the Charles River in… Continue reading »

free day: the movie

What do you do when you get free tickets to see a movie you really don’t want to see? I… Continue reading »

the doughnut

Today is a day of celebration! Tomorrow marks one year since Tim and I wed, so we devoted Saturday to… Continue reading »

the boston fire museum

Here’s a fun and potentially free activity for your next open Saturday — the Boston Fire Museum. (I donated a… Continue reading »

the shakespeare donation

After many summers of merely thinking about attending Shakespeare on the Common, we finally made it happen last night. The… Continue reading »