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A Few of My Favorite Things: Mom Edition

Sometimes, when you really love something, you just need to spread the news. So let me tell you about a… Continue reading »

June 2014

June must have been a very quiet month — I didn’t take a single picture on my “real” camera, and the photos on… Continue reading »

All in A Week’s Work: Monday

Despite this never-ending winter, life has been pretty fun around here. Soren and I, who both thrive on structure and… Continue reading »

Life Lately

Sometimes when Soren is sleeping and the house is very quiet, I miss him. I might not have said that… Continue reading »

the mini latte bowl

I never dreamed Anthropologie would make it onto this blog. Don’t get me wrong — I melt at the always-beautiful… Continue reading »

the toothpicks

I know I bought (and blogged) toothpicks only a month or so ago, but this package contains at least twice… Continue reading »

the bingo game

Tonight we made one of those trips to Target where you go there for one thing — contact solution, in… Continue reading »

free day: the vacuum part

Today was my last first day of school! If life goes as planned, I will never have another first day… Continue reading »

the mini whisk

Today was a glorious and labor-free holiday for us. We went for a nice ride on the Minuteman trail, spent… Continue reading »

the soap saver

If I had to pick just one kitchen store to shop at for the rest of my life, I don’t… Continue reading »