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Portugal Day 13 — Amarante (August 2017)

Our last full day in Portugal was one of our most low key. We lounged around in the house in… Continue reading »

June 2015

Our June:  

November 2014

We must already be creeping into our winter hibernation — the quantity of pictures and videos this month is far slimmer… Continue reading »

Cape Cod

There is surely no better place in the world to live than New England. After our August week at the… Continue reading »


I’ve found that I often measure time in increments determined by my job. When I worked at the magazine, I… Continue reading »

My Happy Place

It’s November 1,  and we’ve already had a number of really cold days. Like last Saturday — it was 35 degrees!… Continue reading »

Shalom — Part ד (Four)

Well, this is it. I’m wrapping up our four-part trip journal only four months after our return from Israel. If… Continue reading »

Shalom — Part ג (Three)

On our last day in Jerusalem, we started off with a few goodbyes. Next we made our way to the… Continue reading »

Shalom — Part ב (Two)

Shauna and I started our Monday with a little Jerusalem education. Our tour of the Old City took us through 4,000 years… Continue reading »

Shalom — Part א (One)

Well, we did it. We flew halfway around the world, drove all over Israel, ate hummus for 10 days straight,… Continue reading »