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November 2017

We started the month off with THIS on our counter. I proudly made it through November 1 without even a… Continue reading »

October 2017

On the first of October we were due to pick Mackenzie up at the airport (so she could then drive up… Continue reading »

September 2017

We put the “labor” in Labor Day by moving our new fridge into our house… in a rather creative fashion…. Continue reading »

Portugal Day 15 — Ponta Delgada (August 2017)

Good morning, Ponta Delgada! We only had one day on the island, and we really hadn’t planned anything (I think… Continue reading »

Portugal Day 14 — Lisbon to Ponta Delgada (August 2017)

We started our morning with breakfast on the porch before beginning the packing routine. (Mackenzie took the boys on a… Continue reading »

Portugal Day 13 — Amarante (August 2017)

Our last full day in Portugal was one of our most low key. We lounged around in the house in… Continue reading »

Portugal Day 12 — Amarante, Guimarães, Braga (August 2017)

We woke up earlyish on this Sunday (Shaw was in our bed most of the night) and made it to… Continue reading »

Portugal Day 11 — Amarante (August 2017)

Our first full day in Amarante was a Saturday, so we began at the mercado, where local families have been… Continue reading »

Portugal Day 10 — Lisbon to Coimbra to Amarante (August 2018)

Portugal Day 9 — Belem (August 2017)

The kids woke up early today, which made it easy to get ready and get out the door for our… Continue reading »