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December 2015

Happy December! Since Shaw was born I’ve been feeling like I never take pictures anymore. After loading them all here, though, it seems we’ve got plenty!

IMG_20151203_180711 (1)

This sight is a regular afternoon occurrence. The sunglasses are usually safety goggles for construction work. The cape is always on backwards. On this particular day, he ran into the room and yelled, “I’m Superman! I do baaaad things.”

IMG_20151204_072050 (1)

For about a week, Soren would ask to have Shaw join him in his crib after he woke up for the morning. He also would regularly ask, “Is Shaw big enough to play yet?” I think he’s now figured out that it’s going to take awhile.

IMG_20151205_183652 (1)

Santa and the mayor made their way around Boston for the various tree lightings throughout the city. We walked to the Oak Square festivities and arrived just as Santa was wrapping up — so no line! We reminded Soren a number of times that Santa isn’t real, but it’s pretty confusing when you’re sitting on his lap.

IMG_20151205_182543 (1)

IMG_20151206_182310-2 (1)

Just another Sunday evening.

IMG_20151206_115351 (1)

Four weeks old.

IMG_20151207_180350 (1)

IMG_20151209_180409 (1)

Grandmama came to town to help for a few days while Tim crammed and slept in preparation for his Harvard interview. When it was all over, we celebrated by getting Reubens at Boston Public Market. Soren mostly cared about the play place.

IMG_0705 (1)

One month old!


During a midnight feeding I decided we needed to take family pictures before the winter weather set in. So first thing in the morning I texted a friend who met us 15 minutes before the church Christmas party was going to start. She snapped a few photos and we called it good. Impromptu photo shoots are kind of a good way to go — no time to think about what to wear and no time to stress over the fact that I was months overdue for a haircut. You just do it, and it turns out fine!







This is the photo that ended up on our holiday cards. It’s now February and I still haven’t sent them all out.




At the church party, Soren worked on a gingerbread village with two doting girls. I love watching him work the crowd at church or church functions. He knows everyone (and most adults he addresses by first and last name) and doesn’t feel the need to stick too close to his parents.

IMG_20151213_132417 (1)

During the church Christmas program the next day, the Primary kids sang a few songs. We didn’t know if the rising Sunbeams were supposed to join or if Soren knew the words to the songs. But he decided to make his way up there and sing off to the side. We still aren’t sure if he knew the songs.


Look at this fatso!

IMG_20151216_111829 (1)

Soren’s preschool Christmas play was pretty awesome. Despite singing all the words at home, he kept his mouth shut during the performance. And he was pretty distracted by the action on the stage.


Another day, another Duplo creation. He called this one a “train track party.”

IMG_20151219_163743 (1)

And then we made our way to Virginia for interviews for Tim and family holiday fun. Our drive went pretty smoothly, other than too many stops for Soren to go potty and for Shaw to nurse. We stopped at a large Wawa gas station hoping to find an eating area where I could feed Shaw. No go. I asked an employee if there was any place to sit, and she graciously wheeled a comfy chair out of their small office. Beats nursing in the car!

IMG_20151220_120738 (1)

At my parents’ church we sat in the first row of chairs and had the giant aisle in front of us. Since we were at vacation church, we decided to forego any attempts at reverence. Soren enjoyed parading around the chapel singing the hymns and waving a squirrel puppet to the beat.


Of course I can never catch the smile in a photo. But at six weeks, Soren started giving us some good grins. Right on schedule.

IMG_0731 (1)

IMG_0728 (1)

IMG_20151224_203920 (1)

I love a baby in a onesie.

IMG_20151228_153142 (1)

When I heard the Elephant and Piggie play was at the Kennedy Center, I jumped online to search for tickets. After a few days, the unsold handicapped seats were released for purchase! Look at this kid parading the Hall of Nations like he owns the joint.

IMG_20151228_171632 (1)

IMG_20151228_155036 (1)

Watching Soren watch this play was one of my favorite motherhood moments to date.

IMG_20151229_084828 (1)

Another attempt to catch a smile.

IMG_20151229_084832 (1)

Little grump.


Soren liked making his way down to the basement to visit Beau and Mackenzie. And their bed, apparently.

IMG_20151226_162938 (1)

We had to visit the zoo while were in Virginia. But this time we got our first zoo lights experience (after it got dark, of course).

IMG_20151231_124253 (1)

We took a day trip to Charlottesville with my parents since we knew Tim would be interviewing at UVA in January. Soren was sold on the place after trying the fried chicken.

IMG_20151231_151336 (1)

Pappy and Grandmama taught Soren the fine art of getting trucks to honk.

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