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December 2016

Soren has gotten pretty friendly with our new Alexa (Tim’s birthday present). His top requests are Thomas and Friends, alt-J, the Black Keys, and Raffi.

Christmas fudge!

Nothing like a little 4-year-old independence.

Morningtime contemplation on the balance bike.

Like pretty much every year, I scrambled and scheduled some super last-minute photos for our holiday card. The good thing about this method is that you don’t have time to shop for new clothes or think too carefully about outfits — low stress! This one was the winner. (We love Lindsey Hansen.)

This was the back of our holiday postcard.

Our photo shoot started with a trash truck. Last year we had construction equipment in the background of a couple of photos, so we figured this year we’d feature a trash truck.

Soren doesn’t always make a big show with his emotions. But sitting in a trash truck’s cab might have been a life highlight.

Setting up the shot.

Can you tell we were freezing without our coats?

Soren’s solos — pose was his choice.

Shaw wasn’t as in to the solo poses.

Or maybe he just wasn’t into any poses.

How great is this? We’ve got one kid who’s terrified and another who’s telling Santa he knows he’s not real.

Having a nice little chat about whether Santa is real.

Raise the roof for IKEA! All the baskets and lamps and plants you can handle.

Soren and I had the best day date. After listening to the Nutcracker Suite for weeks, I bought tickets for the two of us to see the “Urban Nutcracker” — complete with hip hop, classical ballet, swing, and flamenco dancing.

After the show, we took a snowy walk to Copley Square to read books at the library.

Next stop: Eataly for lunch. Pizza slices as big as your head!

Tim and Shaw came to meet up with us for the evening. We wandered around the winter market at Government Center then walked to the lights at Faneuil Hall. Final stop was hot chocolate and a giant cookie at Ghirardelli!

If you want the BEST church activity in the world, it’s the $1 white board from the dollar store. This thing never gets old!

Primary shenanigans.

Then we were off to our Christmas travels — first Missouri, then Virginia.

We cut down a tree!

These two!

I love when someone else pushes my kid on the swings! Thank you, Uncle Ben!

Thanks to an unofficial private lesson from a Layton family friend, Soren loved his first ice skating experience. (He went again in Virginia later — without a teacher — and it was not so great.)

Zamboni fascination.

These kids could watch a zamboni for hours.

Another first for Soren — bowling!

Shaw loved it, too.

Not the greatest team of bowlers.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is seeing the trains at the U.S. Botanic Garden in DC — I think we’ve been every year of Soren’s life!

The theme this year was national parks and national historic landmarks. One of the best we’ve seen!

Can I live here please?

Sneaky smile at a certain Grandmama hiding beneath the stairs.

Two babies feeling very possessive of their Pappy.

Soren joined his cousins and watched his very first movie! Made it to age 4 without seeing a movie… what kind of mother am I? Jungle Book for the win.

Every grandkid spends time playing in Pappy’s truck. Wonder if Shaw was the first to bite the steering wheel?

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