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When I moved from Utah six years ago I left behind a job I really, really loved. My bosses and co-workers were some of the best people I’d ever known. I mean, Jeanette flew across the country to attend my wedding! (And she blogged about it! Twice.) I felt fulfilled by my work and, oddly, looked forward to going into the office each morning. When I moved to Boston the Bennetts kept me feeling useful by emailing me magazine proofs to edit or sending writing assignments for their custom publications. About a year ago, they launched a “daily digital venture” at, highlighting BYU sports, LDS news, parenting columns, infographics, local news, and more. I’ve had so much fun writing articles here and there for their site, even if I did abandon Utah Valley for the East coast.

Since I don’t think my own parents even read the articles I write, here are some of my highlights as of late (with links directly to the articles):

  • Utah is home to a surprising number of fantastic authors. I just finished reading and reviewing Ally Condie’s “Atlantia.” If you’re into YA fiction, check it out!Atlantia
  • I connected my Boston and religious ties by writing about LDS scientists whose beliefs have influenced their work.
  • A talented group of BYU students created a short film to tell the stories of women of faith. I was moved by experiences of women like Minerva Kohlhepp Teichert, Martha Hughes Cannon, and Mary Frances Sturlaugson and would now love to learn more about all of the heroines celebrated in the film. Also, there are great resources on the Women of Faith website for youth leaders who want to share the film with their Young Women.
  • Sometimes I think I’m a little bit funny (and a lot bit stupid) when I write things like this. For the record, I didn’t choose the animated GIFs myself. Some are awesome and some are a bit of a stretch.
  • Why don’t we know about Bible characters like Huldah and Deborah and Prisca? We should.


    Also, we all need more Carl Heinrich Bloch in our lives.

  • Memes, anyone?
  • I had a really great conversation with Hannah Wheelwright, who started the Young Mormon Feminists blog and is a founder of Ordain Women, about losing and then rediscovering her belief in God. My original plan was to interview a number of people who had lost the “faith of our fathers,” Hannah’s story needed all the space!


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