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Eating Out

Whenever I’m getting ready to leave the house, I take a moment to make sure my purse is stocked with snacks. If I’m leaving to run a few errands, a granola bar or piece of fruit will usually suffice. If I’m headed to church, I might need something a little more substantial. No matter my destination, I won’t be caught without food. I get in a bit of a panic if I think I might go hungry. It’s pretty stressful.

So how great is it that Soren — who likes to eat all the time — doesn’t require me to plan ahead for his meals when we’re on the go. No extra food weighing down my purse. No bottles, no formula. It’s one of the many beauties of breastfeeding. In Soren’s almost five months of life, he’s eaten out quite a bit. After feeding him at a number of interesting locations, I started keeping a mental list of all his favorite “breastaurants.”

  • Costco (This is probably my most frequent public nursing spot — sometimes in the car in the parking lot, sometimes in an office chair in an aisle, once in a super comfy leather recliner.)
  • A gas station parking lot when Soren was 11 days old and we had to drive to a faraway town to pick up a U-Haul
  • At Diaper Lab, in the middle of a cloth diapering workshop
  • Regina Pizzeria
  • Honey Pot Hill Orchards in Stow, MA
  • Sitting on a bench in the seaside lawn at Coolidge Reservation in Manchester-by-the-Sea

Nothing beats feeding my baby while looking out at the ocean.

  • Rockport, MA, in the car
  • IKEA (Bless that family restroom.)
  • Target (In case you ever decide to try this, be aware that their furniture is often on display at the end of the aisle up on a little platform… it’s kind of like sitting on a little stage for all passersby to see. A better option is the fitting room.)
  • During the viewing at Gram’s funeral

Nursing buddies are the best. Camilla, Page, and I fed our babies (born within a month of each other) during Gram’s viewing.

  • At the cemetery after Gram’s burial
  • A Chipotle somewhere between Virginia and Massachusetts
  • Babies R Us (I’ve been inside this store one time, and I never want to return. It gave me a headache, and their nursing room wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.)
  • A million times at church (usually in the mother’s room, sometimes during classes, and once on the front row during sacrament meeting when I didn’t want to miss my nieces’ speaking parts in their Primary program)
  • Harvard’s outdoor football stadium
  • M3 in Davis Square (the most amazing chicken and waffles of all time)
  • On a stranger’s porch in Nashua, NH (We drove up to attend a President Obama rally, but we missed getting in by about 50 people. We hung around outside to at least listen to his speech, and a kind stranger let us use his porch.)

Soren didn’t even know he was listening to President Obama’s actual voice. All he cares about is milk.

  • Tacos Colima in Nashua, NH
  • On the Appalachian Trail, during a family hike
  • Not Your Average Joe’s (Tim’s free birthday dinner)
  • Concord Bookshop
  • At Newton-Wellesley Hospital, during our infant/child CPR and safety class
  • On airplanes from Boston to Missouri and back
  • Children’s Hospital (long story)
  • In the car, while driving to VA from Boston (We only had 30 minutes left, it was late at night, and I didn’t want to stop. So I leaned over Soren’s carseat and fed him without either of us removing our safety belts.)

So… basically I’m dreading the day I have to start feeding Soren real food. I’m wondering how long I can get away with doing breastmilk only?

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  1. Ginger January 18, 2013 at 10:11 pm Reply

    I know someone that did exclusive breastfeeding until almost two years (her babe wasn’t interested in the solids she offered), but I wouldn’t count on that happening with Soren.

    Fear not though! Solids can be easy too! How? Just feed him whatever you’re eating. No jars, no blender, no problems. A piece of your steak, a scoop of guac, eggs on toast, a handful of blueberries. Seriously. If you want reassurance, check out Baby Led Weaning (it is a UK book where “weaning” means starting solids).

    Also remember that during the first year solids are more for sensory experiences than nutrition, the tastes and textures are fun for him to explore. He doesn’t require them, but he’ll want them when he’s around other people eating them. Remember that every calorie he consumes is a breastmilk calorie he doesn’t get, so when he starts begging from your plate look to protein and veggies, but mostly just have fun.

  2. Lauren February 8, 2013 at 8:18 pm Reply

    cute post ashley! i love that word: breastaurant! clever!

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