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February 2017

Hasn’t been a super snowy winter — yet. Soren must not remember what 108″ feels like, because he called this 1″ storm “the funnest snow day” he’s ever had.

I forget, but the video above might have been taken on the same day I was verbally assaulted on the bus by a crazy woman. Her opinion was that my stroller was too big and was inconveniencing other riders. (The bus was nearly empty.) At first I ignored her, since I was quite sure she wasn’t one to be open to having her mind changed. But then I decided I didn’t want to sit back while she criticized by beloved stroller. So I politely assured her my stroller was ideal for hauling groceries and navigating Boston’s bumpy sidewalks. But she insisted it was just wrong of me to use such a stroller. Eventually the bus driver chimed in and told the woman to stop harassing me. I made sure to call a “Have a nice day!” as she exited the bus.

We headed to Drumlin Farm one warm day in February. Still some snow on the ground, but mostly squishy mud! It had been pajama day at school, so we turned it into pajama day at the farm.

Now this snow is more like it! Thank you to all the neighbors who shovel a wide enough path for my stroller! Nothing gets my blood boiling like poorly shoveled walks. I may have called the non-emergency dispatch line to report a business or two that hadn’t shoveled very well. Felt vindicated when I saw a business owner out re-shoveling later that day.

A snapshot of our fancy and romantic Valentine’s dinner. I’m wearing a stained sweatshirt, Soren is reading at the table, Shaw is probably throwing pad Thai all over the restaurant. Just another day!

Kids are the weirdest. For a few days I kept finding letters in cups of water. Who knows why!

We recently discovered Mucky Kids open studio in Cambridge and could not love it more. All the art projects you can imagine, and I don’t have to initiate or clean up a thing! Liz is the most calm and patient teacher/artist.

Two boys, one canvas.

We went to a movie! It was the first time we’d seen a movie together in FIVE years. We were a little late to leave the house, so we ran to the theater (like actually ran on our feet). Running and seeing a movie — two things Tim dreams of us doing together!

Tim’s grandparents sent Soren a card with money enclosed for a family ice cream trip. Perfect!

Boys’ day out — a train ride to Harvard Square, plus the Harvard Natural History Museum.

Scooting through Harvard Yard.

My two favorite monkeys.

The MFA is always our favorite vacation week spot. On this day we sketched ducks (a la the Make Way for Ducklings exhibit), did a family art tour, and watched a great puppet show.

Then we traded in our snow boots for cowboy boots. Time for the annual Texas trip! This year was extra special since Tim came along.

Plenty of livestock…

Front row seats for the pig races!

This little petting zoo was the weirdest. All the animals — and people — simply roam free. Soren is boxed in here by a llama and a couple sheep.

I’m still surprised he wasn’t freaked out by being face to face with these guys.

Next up, bumper cars (and selfies).

Soren’s face in the video below is pretty much my favorite thing in the world.

And then a family ferris wheel ride! We were able to squeeze both adults and all five kids in one car. I love this sisters pic!

Ferris wheel selfie — everyone made it into the shot except for nervous Faye.

Evidence of a day well spent — five snoozers!

Sunshine, a huge backyard, and plenty of dirt and buckets. We love suburban vacations!

We went to a Mexican market in San Antonio then stumbled upon a fun dance performance.

I don’t even know what this was about.

Total dad move — pushing a low stroller through fountains, completely soaking baby’s bottom half.

Shaw made himself right at home in Camilla’s house in Austin.

What a fun neighborhood hike!

Soren insisted on carrying this stupid giant rock on our hike back up to the car. Slowest pace ever.

Austin truly is as weird and quirky as everyone says. See if you can find Soren in this graffiti park!

That’s Tim waving from way up top (with Shaw and Soren).

Christmas card photo?

Pizza/park night.

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