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Although I’ve toned it down quite a bit, I initially found it really hilarious to excitedly announce each of Soren’s “firsts.” For example, “Soren’s first elevator ride!” Or, “Soren! This is your first trip to Home Depot!” Some of the more meaningful firsts were worthy of photos.

First bath, 8 days old: Grandmama always gives the grandbabies their first bath. When Soren was less than thrilled about being immersed in warm water, I wondered if he was really my son.

But he was so cuddly and cute afterward.

First trip to Flour, 9 days old: This is mainly significant because Soren’s head is the same size as the sticky bun.

First apartment: We truly loved our first married apartment, but Soren demanded his own bedroom. So we moved a mile away to more luxurious accommodations (laundry! full size dishwasher! driveway!). Soren is 12 weeks old now, and he’s never even used his bedroom.

First Costco run, 11 days old: We knew it was important to introduce Soren to Costco early on. He’s been back about once a week since. He’s grown accustomed to having crumbs dropped on his head from the samples we enjoy every Saturday.

First Sunday at church, 4 weeks old: I took my maternity leave from church pretty seriously, but we decided to give it a try after three Sundays away. Turns out it’s hard to pay attention to the speakers when you’re staring at a tiny sleeping baby.

First birthday, 1 month old: Soren knew it was ridiculous to put a party hat on a one-month-old, so he got silly and stuck his tongue out at the camera.

First funeral, 6 weeks old: We sure miss our sweet Gram. When we knew she was in her last days, we hopped in the car and headed to Virginia. I was sure the drive would be crazy, with lots of crying and frequent stops for nursing. But Soren was a champ — he slept almost the whole way and only required one meal. He did wake up when we had about 30 minutes left on the road, but I really just wanted to get to Gram at that point. So I leaned my body over his carseat and offered him a little snack. Worked like a charm.

First meeting of the cousins: Family time is always the silver lining of a funeral, right? Eight of Gram’s granddaughters gave birth in 2012, but we didn’t expect so many of the babies to meet each other so soon.  Soren is the only boy in this bunch of five, and apparently he’s the only pacifier addict. 

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