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free day: the skin care products

Flight 001 in Brooklyn

And now, part two of our Small Business Saturday extravaganza. Since Tim and I have separate Amex cards, we each got a free $25 to spend. I was in the market for some new skin care products, so we went to Flight 001 in Brooklyn. What a fun store! Tons of neat little (and not so little) travel-related gadgets — great luggage, pretty passport covers, interesting books (Tim started getting crazy ideas while reading a book about adventure tourism). But the real purpose for going there was the Mario Badescu products. I ended up with the perfect moisturizer, which would have been $22, but it was free for me! And since I had to go over $25 to get the SBS credit, I also picked up a new cleanser. What a great day.

Mario Badescu skin care products at Flight 001 in Brooklyn

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