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From Baby to Toddler

Shortly after Soren’s first birthday, I walked into Gap and was surprised and saddened to see that their toddler section is designed for ages 1-5. They were telling me that my baby wasn’t a baby anymore! He was suddenly a toddler, and I couldn’t do anything about it. And he wasn’t even toddling! I had tears in my eyes.

But the birthday itself was non-emotional and lots of fun. In the weeks leading up to the day, I had felt a little pressure from Pinterest — some people pull out all the stops for a party the kid will never remember. Plus, I knew a huge celebration would not be Soren’s preference, so instead I made the day all about his favorites.


I did want Soren to know it was an out-of-the-ordinary day, so I had a room full of balloons waiting for him in the morning.





Birthday breakfast = breastmilk pancakes. Extra antibodies for everyone.

Thanks to Shutterfly for Soren's birthday plate.

Thanks to Shutterfly for Soren’s birthday plate.

Following our normal routine, Tim took Soren out for a morning walk while I worked.

Following our normal routine, Tim took Soren out for a morning walk while I worked.

A birthday walk is the best kind of walk.

A pants-less birthday walk is the best kind of walk.


Tuesday playgroup at the park was a hit, as always.


Tim quit work early to join us for a late-afternoon family pool party. Good thing, since the water was too cold for my liking.


End of the summer, and Soren still isn’t sure how he feels about the pool.


Party time!


Then back home for dinner and cake in Soren’s fancy high chair. Maybe Pinterest did get the best of me. But it only took one afternoon nap to create, so I don’t feel too bad about it.


Soren chose Boca Grande for dinner, plus peas and watermelon. What a life.


And then, the moment we’d been waiting for! Would he touch the cake? (He definitely did want to touch the flame.)


He wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it.


I broke the cake in half to make it a little easier for him to work with. He took one taste and was sold. I stuck with my no-sugar-for-baby rule — the cake was healthy enough that I fed it to him for breakfast the next few mornings (bananas, applesauce, wheat flour, oat flour, etc.)


Yep. He liked it.

Happy birthday to the best one-year-old ever!

Happy birthday to the best one-year-old ever!


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  1. salem November 26, 2013 at 6:50 pm Reply

    That fourth balloon picture!!! Yummy baby right there. 😉

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