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January 2017

Started the new year in VA with the fam. Soren helped Pappy with a few outdoor projects, including filling in holes in the driveway. (They also looked under a manhole cover, made a wrecking ball with Truman, watched a hibernating turtle, and more. I love my kid roaming free in the backyard and woods with Pappy as his guide!)

Back in Boston… I asked Soren one morning what he wanted to do while I showered. He said he’d like to copy words out of a book. Fine by me!

Still not walking, but definitely climbing!

One afternoon Soren told me, “Look, Mom! It’s Martin Luther King, Jr.! He has light skin, and he tells all the light skin people they can use the drinking fountain!” I think there MIGHT have been some confusion after a week of MLK talk at preschool. I think we cleared things up, but I’m not entirely sure!

Sometimes things get very quiet when Soren and Ophelia are playing. I usually find them both reading — sometimes this will go on for 30 minutes.

We had an errand to run at the mall, which is pretty unheard of in our family. I don’t know if Shaw had ever been in a mall before in his life. And Soren’s mind was blown when I showed him the LEGO store.

We spent a frigid afternoon at the Stone Zoo. Pretty close views of this cute black bear!

I loved taking my little people to the Boston Women’s March. It was a perfectly beautiful and warm day (following the very dreary inauguration day).

I’ve been printing photos and finding art for my new picture ledges. I ordered this one from the lovely Leslie Graff, and I LOVE it.

We went to a Harvard hockey game for my Bosto-versary. (Thanks, Harvard, for the free tix.) The Zamboni love is still strong.

And, of course, a Boston-themed treat for the special day. We usually favor Modern Pastry, but sometimes you just need a florentine!

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