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July 2016

Soren has started dropping his nap this summer, so in an effort to preserve our sanity, I instituted mandatory quiet time each afternoon. We put a stack of books in his bed, and he can read or sleep until his clock tells him it’s been an hour. Fortunately, some days he still conks out — often with a book in hand!

Tim took Soren to see his first fireworks show for the 4th of July. He was in heaven. They pre-gamed at Rancatore’s.

Waiting for the fireworks to start — and ready for any loud noises.

We hate so many things about the way Walden Pond is managed, but this day they won a piece of me over when they offered a surprise afternoon story time!

Shaw graduated to the cart! Grocery shopping with these two is surprisingly fun.

A little afternoon yoga in the park. Soren is way into that child’s pose.


I love the early stages of writing, where the words go from left to right and around in circles. He made this “NEED FOOD” sign for a little in-home panhandling. And then he asked for $20 to get chicken fingers at Zaftigs.

Squinty-eyed and happy in the sun at The Street.

We love our Thursday afternoon jaunt to our CSA pickup — nothing better than a stroller full of farm-fresh greens!

Shaw’s first skinny dip!

The stupid “safety checks” really kill our fun.

I keep thinking he’ll figure out that sand and rocks don’t actually taste good. But so far, it hasn’t clicked!

Sunday afternoon picnic and walk at Larz Anderson park.

Our neighborhood has had the BEST construction action over the last four years. It seems they’re always tearing up the streets or putting in new pipes or knocking down a house or something. Soren couldn’t be happier about it.

I got to attend another Hanna Andersson pre-opening party as part of my work with Boston Moms Blog. Someone’s happy about cuddling with his new jammies.

As part of the purge before the move, I went through all the recipes I brought with me from home to college. All those years ago, I photocopied everything from my mom’s recipe files, then cut them out and pasted them onto notecards. And now we have the internet and I NEVER use paper recipes.

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