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July 2017

Tim and the boys kicked off first weekend of July with a Sunday morning jaunt to Ipswich.

On Monday went to Wingaersheek Beach (our first time!) for some pre-holiday fun. The beach was as dreamy as we’d heard — minus the fact that the city of Gloucester has banned puddle jumpers.

What would a beach day be without seafood?

July 3! What are the chances?!

For the 4th of July we took a family bike ride in the morning then had a classic summer dinner on the porch — ribs! Afterward we took another family bike ride for ice cream.

Tim and Soren trekked out to Burlington for fireworks — theirs had the earliest start time of all the towns around! Shaw and I went to bed.

Soren told Tim the fireworks were pretty boring this year. “Maybe next year we can go to a shorter one so I can go home and go to bed.”

Tim’s greatest dreams came true when Shaw recognized and said “Tintin” for the first time.

These two were the craziest during a library singalong one day. Shaw was ready to wrestle!

Had to document a rare date night. Mostly because we got a parking spot RIGHT in front of the Pru.

This chocolate was the best part of my night.

Just a bowl of fresh raspberries from the backyard.

Naps are a rare occurrence for this kid. Love this Saturday afternoon scene.

We went to a minor league ball game one Saturday afternoon. Brought back good memories of Orioles games with my family!

We were early to church one day, so I had to document it.

Once or twice we’ve had to take the car over the bike because of the size of our cargo. This one was close, but Soren kept it in the trailer.

We spent a rainy morning at Imagine. How cute are these firefighters?

Then, we were off to Virginia for a couple days with the grandparents and a week at the beach with the Dickson clan. Pappy had secured a small bike for Soren to try out, and after about 30 seconds of working with Pappy, Soren was off and riding!

The best week of the year!

The beach wasn’t too far, but we were glad we brought the scooter!

Couple of (second) cousins trying to catch a seagull.

Second cousins comparing pacis.

Napping buddies, every day.

Sometimes like that, sometimes like this.

All the love for Aunt Dana.

So many cousin Parcheesi games.

Lots of early-morning time with this kid. Sunrise, anyone?

Many thanks to Uncle Kaplin for the trip to the boardwalk ice cream store.

Soren and the big kids (his first cousins once removed).

Yep, definitely the best week of the year.

And then, sadly, we were headed home. But not without a stop for breakfast sandwiches. Because #diners.

Another Sunday morning hike with dad.

On Shaw’s first Sunday back in nursery, he had an accident with a toy shopping cart. Look at that shiner!

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