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June 2017

Why is June so busy? One of the more notable events of the first few days of June was an info meeting for parents at Soren’s kindergarten. How are we already there?! I didn’t take any pics, but if I did it might have been of me getting a little teary as I walked into the school.

Also, Shaw at almost 19 months:

On Saturday, another round of headshots with my Boston Moms Blog ladies (photos courtesy the lovely Jennifer).

Next we were off to the Greek Festival in Arlington, which we biked to. Our first ride with Soren on the trailer bike behind me and Shaw in the trailer behind Tim!

We ate souvlaki and bounce housed it up all afternoon long.

We made some progress on our “yard.”

On the first Sunday in June Soren gave his first talk!

We had a few minutes to kill after church since Tim was still at church in another building in the stake, so we walked up to the temple to run around.

That week Shaw had a mishap with the floor. He and Soren were running around — lots of laughter — until they smacked into each other and Shaw’s chin hit the wood floor. Not too much blood, and he was fine after a few minutes of crying, but we decided the gash was big enough to merit a visit to the ER. Tim and I went back and forth for far too long about which of us should take him in. Mom guilt got the best of me, so I took him in. I was nervous after the trauma of the experience with Soren. Fortunately, this time was somewhat better. I hated the doctor who did Soren’s, but I loved this doctor. And instead of being there until 11 p.m., we were out by 9 p.m. this time. He ended up with eight stitches! The best part was when I almost passed out. I was doing fine and was even watching her stitch it up and asking questions (the little chunks of fat that were coming out of his chin were fascinating), but then after awhile I started feeling really hot and a little lightheaded. So the doctor told the nurse tech guy (who was holding Shaw’s head) to call for a nurse to bring me juice and come hold Shaw’s hands down (since I had been doing that). Suddenly, all these people came rushing into the room — turns out he had pushed the “code” button. Embarrassing for me! I kept my head down for a few minutes then was fine. I asked the doc how often the dads come in versus the moms, and she estimated 75% moms. She said the dads are usually the ones who get queasy or pass out.

The doctor assured me Shaw would sleep really well that night since he would be exhausted from the whole experience. Joke was on us — he ended up in our bed after waking up crying a few times. Traumatic night, for sure! The next day’s naps were no better. Cuddles with Tim during morning nap, sleeping in bed with mama during afternoon nap.

On Friday the kids and I spent the morning at Drumlin Farm, complete with a hay ride.


This is the photo that should earn me “Worst Mom of the Year.” Shaw was climbing up the slippery water/sand chutes like a maniac, and I was videoing him instead of bringing him down to safe ground. Then he slipped and knocked his chin against the metal. The chin that had just received eight stitches. It split right open. I called the doc to see if we really needed to go through the same miserable stitches experience again, and they said yes. Thanks to Shaw’s drool-y nature, the original stitches had dissolved quite prematurely. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it again if it was mainly for cosmetic reasons, so we brought Shaw home for a nap and decided to wait it out. By evening time we decided we should probably do something about it. But maybe not another traumatic experience (and another $100). So we brought him to see a guy in our church who happens to be an ER doc. He used some steri strips (and some super glue) and sent us on our way. Oh, and you know how I thought I was recording a video the whole time I should’ve been protecting my baby’s precious chin from another fall? Turns out I wasn’t even videoing, I was holding up my phone in photo mode like a total dummy.

Sometimes Soren and Tim bike to the pond to have snacks and read Tin Tin.

I fell in love with my back yard after seeing this babies pop up outta nowhere.

We went to an event at one of our old favorite libraries in Boston, mostly for the free Ben & Jerry’s and the concert with one of Soren’s favorite kid bands. He’s totally geeking out here talking to Karen K (of Karen K and the Jitterbugs).

Soren had his last day of preschool in June. The final day was a family party, and my contribution for the breakfast was one million mini muffins. Is this muffin pan the best or what?

Face painting, bounce house, balloons, games, the works.

Soren + teachers.

After almost a year of being closed, our neighborhood park finally opened and is better than ever!

It was set to open on Saturday, but when the construction workers began tearing down the temporary fence on Friday afternoon, we all broke in.

The next day we got started on our garden. Lots of weeds to take care of!

Look at that beautifully weeded plot. Too bad the soil was such poor quality.

Then Soren and I headed to the Feast of the East — the biggest event of the year in our neighborhood. We joined the parade and walked next to a dog-walking organization — Soren and I somehow ended up walking one of the dogs during the parade!

Tim and Shaw came to join after naps — Shaw is obsessed with the crosswalk flags and will NOT cross the street without one.

After the feast we went back to the garden for more work.

On Sunday morning I was in charge of early morning duty with Shaw. Off to the park we went.

To Shaw’s delight, we saw lots of wildlife on our neighborhood adventure — squirrels, baby bunnies, and a snapping turtle!

Then Tim took the boys to Gloucester for a walk along the Ocean Lawn.

In mid-June we got to see the tall ships docked in Boston — first time they’ve been here since 2000 (and Boston is the only U.S. city that got to see them this year).

True love.

Our friend Jana invited us over for a playdate one day. Trains, chicken nuggets for lunch, and a tire swing!

First backyard raspberry of the year!

Just a regular day around the house — hard hat, necklaces, lei, Home Depot apron, Superman cape, and backpack on, with paint stirrer in hand.

Falling in love with my backyard a little more every time a new flower blooms!

Who doesn’t love a trip to the hardware store?

At the end of June I finally became a biking mom. I can’t figure out why I didn’t start sooner. On our first day we rode to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, the library, and Otto in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken us to walk. I’m hooked!

Free delivery by these two.

We finally finished planting at the end of the month!

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