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March 2017

Our Austin fun continued with a visit to the wildlife rescue zoo.

Shaw and Charlotte had a few brief moments as friends.

We took a hike to beautiful Hamilton Pool — picture-perfect setting!

Lots of rock throwing/skipping.

Camilla arranged a babysitter, so we had an actual date night complete with dinner and a show (The Second City).

Felt pretty strange to stay out past midnight!

Made it through another flight. Soren and I played some games and read a lotta books.

Shaw did some sleeping and some screaming (probably… I can’t actually remember).

While we waited for our luggage in Boston we noticed a group of guys who looked like they might be from some kinda sports team. I spied enough to figure out that they were the Harlem Globetrotters (saw the logos on their bags). I pulled up some YouTube videos to show Soren what they were all about. With some prodding, Soren approached a couple of them to ask if that’s who they were. He showed them the videos and they confirmed it was them! They gave Soren some souvenir sweatbands.

My parents arrived the day we got home from Texas. Pappy completed some house projects while Grandmama wooed Shaw.

Pappy spoiled Soren with more than one pizza lunch after preschool.

A fellow parent sent me this pic from preschool one morning…

Toddlers are the weirdest.

Trash day. Never gets old.

We went to the diner one Saturday morning for brunch. Obviously the whipped cream is the best part.

When quiet time turns into nap time.

I started hosting an open house-style family history night once a month for anyone to come work on their family history. Ellen Patton (photographer of this shot) dubbed it “family history cafe.”

Sometimes Tim takes pictures of the food he makes.

Always plenty of scooters at the library.

This is where homeless people live. Not sure why my people are up there.

Always fun to see pics of what goes on in Primary at church.

This was the first day Shaw ever wore shoes — in his whole almost-17 months. Finally walking!

Sometimes on Fridays I’m completely burned out. So Tim comes to my rescue and sends me out the door with instructions to take care of myself. On this Friday afternoon I bought a new throw pillow, enjoyed the best sandwich (and cookies) at Flour, and caught up on work.

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