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May 2017

Tim started the month with trips to New York, Austin, and Chicago, so the boys and I found our own fun. One rainy day we went to Imagine for hours of indoor play with no mess for me to clean up.

“Tim – we luv u so mch.”

Soren decided he’d like to start wearing bow ties to school. No complaints from me!

Had to document the day Soren read an “Old Navy” tag and realized it’s not actually called “Old Maybe” like the thought.

On my birthday Tim took the boys to the waterfront for visits to the Fire Museum and the ICA. Fine by me!

Some art project or another at the ICA.

I spent my day at Brimfield, where I got this cute whale belt buckle, among other small gems.

On the day after Mother’s Day, I had to laugh at the contrast from the day before. One day we’re pampered and praised, the next day we’re swimming in laundry, food spills, dirty dishes, and crayon on the walls.

Soren and his BFF had a sweet goodbye as her family prepped to leave for China for the summer.

Shaw’s favorite spot in the library.

I love when Tim whisks the kids away for a morning of hiking.

Tim gets to take the kids to church on his own some Sundays when I need travel around to different congregations in our stake. Sometimes the kids actually keep each other entertained during sacrament meeting!

Shaw boy had his first real illness! He was SO lethargic, so we had lots of snuggle time while he dozed on and off. He made it to 18 months without ever having baby Tylenol!

Only 4 years old, but he lost his first tooth! He had a hard time figuring out which smile would show the gap best.

My dear friend Marci came to Boston with her husband for a conference, so we got to catch up one Saturday. We hadn’t seen each other in 10 years! We visited SOWA, tried lots of food trucks, walked through the Common and the Public Garden, and rode the swan boats.

Boston Common all decked out for Memorial Day.

Soren and I rode the carousel and topped off our day with a to-die-for ice cream/cookie sandwich.

Soren snapped this photo of me. I don’t think he meant to make it a chest shot, but I liked the way he captured my title.

Sunday morning family hike.

After 9 months in our house we decided it was time to tackle the front “yard.” It seemed easier to start from scratch, so we went from this…

to this!

UppaBaby has my heart, and I loved taking my old, beat up stroller in for a free tune up. They gave me some spiffy new wheels and a new handle bar, then cleaned the whole thing up. Good as new (almost)!

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