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My Week

Tim and I aren’t known to go all out for holidays, but last week was extra special since two whole days were all about me — Mother’s Day and my birthday.

My Mother’s Day began with a failed attempt to sleep in. Soren is often up and at ’em around 6 a.m., and even when Tim whisks Soren away to let me keep snoozing, I often just can’t do it. It’s terrible. But things got better when Tim whipped up my dream breakfast — eggs Benedict. This year he served the perfectly poached eggs, prosciutto, and Hollandaise on homemade popovers. Divine.

First official Mother’s Day means the start of a new family tradition — taking a photo of me, the mother, with my baby (or maybe multiple babies, someday).

Next up was my birthday, with another early wake-up call (this time by my alarm, not Soren). But at least I had a pile of chocolate next to my computer to welcome me to the work day.

I’ve never come across a Trader Joe’s dark chocolate item I didn’t love.

Tim had to do boring stuff during the day, like defend his dissertation proposal and host a reading group, so Soren and I went out on the town.

My dreamy lunch date.

We shared a sandwich for my birthday lunch at the park in Copley Square, then basked in the sunshine for a little while.

I’m still getting used to sharing my food with this little person. He always eats more than I’m expecting, even when the mushrooms are covered in a spicy mustard.

When Tim finished up at school he hopped on his bike and met us downtown. Good thing, because I needed someone to snap our photo.

My perfect day always includes time in the sun.

The day was a bit brisk, so our next stop was Burdick’s for a little hot chocolate — only the richest and most divine dark hot chocolate on the face of the earth. It was our first visit to the Back Bay location, so we celebrated by also picking up a treat for later in the night — a loaded brownie with lots of walnuts and ganache.

Soren fell asleep before we made it to Burdick’s. He must have known he wasn’t getting any of my hot chocolate.

Soren dozed off in my carrier, so Tim and I wandered down Comm Ave. and through the Public Garden. I’ve never seen the park looking so lovely.

We finished off the night with dinner at home from Esperia, and Tim gave me the presents I had picked out for myself a few days earlier — new cookie sheets and a deviled egg tray from Crate & Barrel, and a bundle of glass bottles from IKEA. Happy 31st to me!

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  1. Rachael May 19, 2013 at 9:35 pm Reply

    Yay for celebrating you!! You are awesome 🙂

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