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November 2017

We started the month off with THIS on our counter. I proudly made it through November 1 without even a bite.

Thursday brought another happy day in the woods with our playgroup friends.

And then Friday was farm day! We love our Friday field trips.

And this is when Soren informed me, “My room is full of traps.”

We’ve always wanted to go to water fire in Providence, Rhode Island, and one Saturday the stars aligned. Since it gets dark so early we knew we could get home at a decent hour for bedtime, and with it being daylight saving we weren’t as set on a normal bedtime. We started out at a fun playground.

Made a stop for dinner while waiting for the sun to go down. Oddly, neither kid was interested in the spinach dip and the two pizzas we ordered.

And then… water fire! Honestly, I thought it was a bit of a letdown. But the kids loved it, so all was well. (And they were both asleep within five minutes of getting in the car to drive home, so we had a very peaceful ride!)

Cardboard boxes always make for a good time.

On our way home from dropping Soren off one morning we stopped by Walgreens to check on the Halloween clearance aisle. Jackpot! We got a few funny looks on the bike ride home.

Shaw is 2!

Since Shaw’s birthday feel on woodsy playgroup day, we stopped at TJ’s on the way to buy some of Shaw’s favorite snacks to share with our playgroup friends (hummus, Bambas, peanut butter pretzels, little cheese and crackers). Then on to the woods.

Everything was normal until Soren fell from a tree. He had been climbing this fallen down tree and had no problem balancing on the log when he was six feet off the ground (see picture). Somehow when he was closer to the ground, maybe three feet off the ground, he lost his balance and landed a couple feet from where I was sitting.

Lots of crying/screaming and holding his arm. He can be a bit of a cryer, but after a little while I figured he was probably really hurt. We hung out there for another 10 minutes or so until I realized the crying wasn’t going to stop. I stupidly declined help from friends to get to the car (it should’ve been just a seven- or eight-minute walk) and had a miserable 20-minute sweatfest trying to carry BOTH boys and our bags. Both kids were crying, of course. Soren would freak out anytime I would change positions because it would jostle his arm. And Shaw kept slipping on the leaves and just wanted to be carried. Disaster. Soren kept screaming the whole drive home. I made an appt at the pediatrician on the drive, and Tim happened to be downtown and could quickly get on the train to meet us at the house to take Shaw in for naps.

Soren finally calmed down by the time we got to the doc, but they recommended against doing X-rays since they couldn’t pinpoint the pain and didn’t want him to have the radiation of lots of X-rays. Soren wasn’t very helpful at determining where, exactly, it hurt. They gave him a sling, which I eventually coaxed him into. Getting his seatbelt on was like torture every time. I still am not sure if he’s a big baby or if he was in a ton of pain.

Soren slept upstairs that night on the floor near me (he had already been sleeping with me while Tim slept downstairs to train Shaw on how to use the green light clock). Miserable, miserable night for both of us. He would wake up whimpering every time he would try to move his body, then he would cry, and so on and so forth. Eventually I brought him into my bed and he did better propped up against me.

In the morning it was clear things weren’t better, so we went in again for the most miserable X-ray experience. So so much crying and screaming. They wanted him to move his hand/arm every which way since they still had no idea where it might be broken. At this point I was REALLY hoping something was broken and there was a reason for all his crying. Turns out it was a supracondylar fracture (above the elbow). But they wanted to re-do some of the X-rays, so back down two floors for more torture. Tim and Shaw were in the neighborhood, so I called him in to see if Soren would want a blessing. I think he liked the idea of stalling. After insisting on some private calm-down time with each of us (and then us together), we told Soren we just had to do it. More screaming, including, “I WANT A BLESSING! I WANT A BLESSING!” He gets SO worked up about stuff. (His doc later described him to me as “tightly wound.”) Finally we used force to get it done. Then we all had a good laugh when the X-ray techs gave him stickers, including one that said, “X-rays are FUN!”

So off we went to Children’s Hospital (since it was a Friday and maybe Veteran’s Day observed, the ortho wasn’t in our ped’s office or in their Boston office). Soren was so tired from the sleepless night before and all the trauma of the doctor’s visits.

The hospital experience was a breeze compared to the X-rays, though. (And while I’m typing this now he’s telling me, “I had fun getting my cast on. Well, I didn’t really like that orange medicine they made me take.”) After getting the bright pink cast, we treated ourselves to Regina’s pizza and Red Mango frozen yogurt (both in the hospital food court). We’d had a miserable 24 hours, but by the time he and I were driving home I felt like we were already on the other side of the whole thing. Felt so good.

Soren joined Tim and some friends for a “pizza crawl” one Saturday. Right up Soren’s alley.

Then on to Thanksgiving. We drove down Thursday morning and made it to Brooklyn in record time. Got settled at our apartment, cooked my rolls and stuffing, then headed over to dinner. Delicious, as always.

City Bakery for hot chocolate and croissants.

After I had brunch and shopping time with friends, I met up with Tim and the boys — and Ben! — at Brooklyn Bridge Park for some evening fun. Playgrounds, carousel, walking along the waterfront. Then walked back home to rest our tired feet and tired kids.

Saturday we hung around Carroll Gardens in the morning, visiting more playgrounds and bagel shops.

Tim met up with a friend he hadn’t seen since high school. In the afternoon we did our own pizza crawl as Tim’s single birthday request. Played at the playground in Washington Square Park in the pitch-black dark, despite the sightings of big fat rats.

Had an easy drive home Sunday morning. Our easiest road trip yet — I didn’t sit in the back seat at all! No crying, no complaining, no temptation to use screens, and I didn’t even have to do much entertaining with toys and books. We’ve arrived. (Until the next kid comes along and we start all over with the hard stuff.)

When we got back we spend the next week kicking off the Christmas season with the tree lighting in Copley Square, Light the World each morning, the annual Relief Society wreathmaking party, and putting up Christmas lights for our first time ever (thanks to Ben for doing the grunt work).

Tim had a birthday! He took off work early and went to a movie by himself. Then we all met in Davis Square for dinner at his beloved Boston Burger Company. As we were heading out the door to walk to dinner it occurred to me that I probably was supposed to make a birthday dessert. Totally forgot. I did put candles in his oatmeal that morning, so maybe that was enough to count.

And we ended November with a return to the woods. No broken bones this time!

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