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November 2016

November began with a Boston Moms Blog event at Costco. I was there to help with the event, but I brought along my trusty sidekicks — Soren and Shauna.

Cuddle time with Grandmama.

Sleeper boys.

Could New England be any more perfect in the fall?

Spy Pond sunset.

Just holding hands with my scooting sweetie.

Election day — a day full of so much hope and excitement. Until night came and the world fell apart.

Shaw’s first birthday!

Soren spent a few days with the class “pet.”

Still obsessed with my new wallpaper! Perfect view from the tub.

Spent a Saturday on the Greenway, participating in a “free play” event. Here is one of Soren’s creations.

I had church-cleaning duty one night. Found this toy in one of the toilets. What in the world?! I’m pretty sure it was our toy, too — what are the chances?

Soren and I went to the Burlington Hanna Andersson grand opening as part of a partnership with Boston Moms Blog. I enjoyed the gift card, he enjoyed the cupcakes.

Thanksgiving in New York! Always a good trip. On Thanksgiving morning we wandered around Prospect Park.

Colors to rival New England’s!

More playground fun, this time Manhattan-style.

And then, Crif Dogs to satisfy Tim’s crush on Anthony Bourdain.

Snuck into an abandoned train car.

Everything’s better with friends!

Can someone please find me a teeny tiny play structure like this in Boston? I’d never seen one before this one, but it was pure magic for a non-walker.

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