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October 2015

October might be my new favorite month. So many fun things to do and events around town, not enough time to do them all. I think the fact that we were down to our last weeks as a family of three also motivated us to make the most of our month. As each weekend approached we noticed our Saturday calendar was filled, and all my hopes of getting errands and cleaning done on our free day were killed. But it was worth it.

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My good friend Rachael came over one night for a DIY binge with me. We made elderberry syrup for immune support, lip balms spiked with essential oils (I added washi tape to the containers later and they look SO cute), and dozens and dozens of Larabars.

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As we wrapped up dinner at Punjab Palace one night, our server brought Soren a complimentary dish of ice cream. “I might need to brush my teeth,” Soren said. “It’s sugary!”

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Sunday morning adventures.

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These kids had a train, and Soren walked circles around them for awhile, looking longingly at their fun.

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We ditched Honeypot Hill this autumn for Parlee Farms — a new favorite. In the past I’ve enjoyed apple picking for the fun of it, but I’ve never been wowed by the apples we’ve picked (especially considering the cost). But this year was different. Best apples of my life. (And great cider donuts, too!)

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And the hayride to get to the orchards can’t be beat.

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Hay bale maze? Yes, please!

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One Friday afternoon Soren and I headed to the waterfront after nap time for a fall festival outside of the Children’s Museum. Turns out it was $1 night at the museum!

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The next morning we found more vehicle fun at a touch-a-truck event in Waltham. Soren got to “drive” and/or play in a fire truck, a tow truck, an ambulance, a moving truck, a few school buses, and more.

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He opened and closed the school bus doors for a good 20 minutes.

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That afternoon, we ventured to the river for the Head of the Charles. We got there just as the races were ending, so we found a dreamy parking spot and didn’t have to battle the crowds. We even saw a few boat collisions! And then we loaded up on ice cream.

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My dad flew in for a quick two-day visit. We played at the playground, we ate pizza and watched the trains at Regina’s, he took Soren to visit a few nearby construction sites, and we spent a morning at Drumlin Farm.

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Soren was excited to learn that Stephen Savage would be at this year’s Boston Book Festival. He’s the author of “Where’s Walrus,” which has been a recent favorite in our house. (“Supertruck” and “Little Tug” are also great.) I love how Soren is sitting front and center.

IMG_20151024_105412 (1)

After the reading, there was a little time for Q&A. Look at Soren up there with his hand raised!

IMG_20151024_105752 (1)

Soren’s question was this: “Can you draw a penguin?” Stephen Savage thought he said “pumpkin,” so Soren got to take home a signed drawing of a penguin and a pumpkin. Tim and I were REALLY glad for this — it meant we didn’t have to stand in the long line and buy the book!

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After grabbing a smoothie at B. Good we zipped over to Harvard’s football stadium for their annual community day — free tickets (and lunch!) to a football game. I’m 36 weeks pregnant here, but I don’t think I looked quite that puffy in real life — I blame it on the coat and the angle of the photo!

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That night was our church Halloween party. We had to snap a shot with our monster door, which was partially brainstormed and executed by Soren.

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On the 30th we did the annual trick-or-treat on Washington Street. Many of the candy givers offered treats to me as well — “it’s for the baby!” they’d say.

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After trick-or-treating we walked down to the Y for the Halloween pizza party. Soren axed every tree and apartment building he could reach.

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Along the way, Soren started noticing other kids eating their candy. I don’t know if it had occurred to him before then that eating the treats was an option. “I want to do what those kids are doing,” he said. So we let Soren eat the donut half he’d received from Dunkin Donuts. His dream come true.

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On actual Halloween we went to the library parade in the morning. Soren was pleased to be at the front of the line, right behind Anne the librarian. After the brief walk around Oak Square everyone ventured into the fire station for a little celebration there.

IMG_20151031_143218 (1)

Soren went trick-or-treating three times this year, and he never once ate candy! Major mom win. Leading up to the holiday we had discussed the “sugar witch switch” thing. I don’t know if he completely understood it, but he didn’t really ask about the candy. The morning after Halloween we gave him a $0.40 Matchbox car and a cheap paperback book and told him that was the gift from the imaginary sugar witch. He seemed pretty happy. A couple weeks after Halloween he asked about the candy and said he wanted it. But I reminded him about his gifts, and that was that! We’ll see how many more years I can pull that off.

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I hit 37 weeks of pregnancy at the end of the month and started feeling the nesting urges. The result was an IKEA trip and lots of package deliveries. I never actually got around to the organizing projects I dreamed up, though…

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