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October 2016

Started the month with General Conference. Our bowls were a hit! Super proud of myself for thinking ahead and putting the healthy snacks with the frequently used words (grapes for Jesus!).

Mount Auburn is a dream in the fall. Even better with friends.

Soren and Blake, sittin’ in a tree.

A bunch of Tim’s BYU buddies came over for dinner one night. Boys + Duplos = party time.

Autumn walks.

The firefighter costume got a lot of mileage again this year.

While Tim was in Germany for work, BFF Camilla came to town to whip my house into shape. Despite my hesitations, she pulled this mirror out of my wall.

What are we doing?!

We spent some time on the Greenway one afternoon with dinner from Boston Public Market.

Soren serenaded as we ate.

The fire department hosted a fun event one Saturday. Soren’s livin’ the dream here.

If Tim has to leave me for a week, the least he can do is bring European treats.

One evening Tim took the kids to Spy Pond, where they stumbled upon some excitement. A car had accidentally driven into the pond, so there were firetrucks and emergency vehicles galore.

Soren wanted to stay to the bitter end.

We ventured to Hartford for the open house of the new LDS temple. Shaw got stuck under a bench.

Forever family.

After the open house we went to a pumpkin patch for apple cider and hay jumping.

Shaw LOVES to play in or near the fridge. He’ll take any cast-offs he can find.

Boston Public Market wins for best giant pumpkins.

Shaw and I had our fair share of breastfeeding challenges (I blame him). We were so grateful for all the donor breastmilk he enjoyed! (I learned after I took this picture that you shouldn’t keep breastmilk on the door of the freezer. Just a heads up for anyone else who keeps a freezer full!)

Only got the kite stuck three times before we learned our lesson.

It’s a glorious day when a bunch of 4-year-olds can play independently and without conflict.

One of the worst nights of our lives to date. Soren tripped/slipped on the stairs and bashed his head. Of course it happened right before bedtime. We thought about trying to get by with just a band-aid, but the idea of a huge scar for life pushed me to the ER.

This was pre-stitches, when he was enjoying the attention of all the nurses who couldn’t get over his cuteness.

A few days later, Soren got into a little trouble during quiet time. Train stuck in the hair!

Massage night is the best night.

Wilson Farm disappointed us this year — no pumpkin wall! But those cider donuts will keep us coming back for life.

Shaw farm ice cream for my Shaw boy.

Halloween in our neighborhood is a little… crazy.

The sugar witch wins again! No candy for Soren, just Legos.

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