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October 2017

On the first of October we were due to pick Mackenzie up at the airport (so she could then drive up and pick up our AT hiking parents), so we drove out to Deer Island for a morning walk.

General conference watching… sitting as close together as possible

We went to Walden with the grandparents, but the only photo I took was of this nudie baby. It works so well to strip him down, rinse him off in the water, put him on a clean blanket/towel in the stroller, and wheel him up to the car with no sand touching him. What will we do when he’s too big for the stroller?!



We brought the grandparents to woodsy since that’s where they’ve been living for the past many months.

And then to Monotomy Rocks Park for some fishing and playground time.

Tim was heading out for a work trip one weekday evening, so he took the boys for a park visit in the morning.

And then disc golf with Soren in the afternoon.

This was the sunniest, most beautiful woodsy day! I laid in the field and soaked up some Vitamin D while Soren made some sort of creation with leaves.


You know Halloween is near when you find this guy in your bed.

This little sweetie is turning into a reader! Hallelujah!

And then, the autumn day we’d all been waiting for… apple picking! One of Soren’s friends had a birthday party at Honeypot Hill, so it was an extra fun time.

He doesn’t look impressed here, but we had a super hayride complete with a steep-ish downhill and lots of bumps!

During one of Soren’s piano practice sessions (via Hoffman Academy), he was asked to play five favorite songs for friends or family members. So we opted to video record his songs.

When Tim got back we decided we felt bad he missed our apple picking excursion. (And I started getting stressed about not having enough farm-fresh apples.) So we went again! This time to Parlee Farms for 40 more pounds of apples!

Shaw and Dada took a walk one Sunday morning to watch crew boats. Shaw’s future, perhaps?

I found him like this one day — on our back porch, standing on top of the chest freezer.

Just a perfect autumn day at the park with Superman.

We stopped by Goodwill a few days before Halloween to search for a white sheet (the classic ghost costume). This coulda worked too, maybe?

And then, another autumn day we’d been waiting for — the Boston Book Festival!

Tim took the kids on a Mount Auburn Cemetery adventure one morning while I was in a church meeting.

And then, Halloween! We had to go find some face paint an hour before trick-or-treating, so we got to enjoy some of the Mass Ave trick-or-treating festivities.

The cutest train conductor.

Soren was REALLY into scaring people.

Figuring out the trick-or-treating thing. (Though he never really figured out that he was collecting treats!)

Other October fun not pictured: Tim hiked around the White Mountains one Friday with his brother and a friend. Lots of trips to Magnolia and other playgrounds. A Saturday afternoon in the North End and a stop at Paramount for dinner. More woodsy playgroups. STEM, Spanish, and farm school for Soren. A rainy walk in Mount Auburn Cemetery. A work trip for Tim to the Netherlands. A T-ball class for Soren. And many other things I’m fogetting about!

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