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Portugal Day 10 — Lisbon to Coimbra to Amarante (August 2018)

On Friday we said goodbye to Lisbon and our apartment with the view of the castelo.

While we packed up the apartment and Tim picked up the rental car, Soren figured out what the remote control could do. Thanks to his Spanish preschool, he could pick out a few words here and there!

We headed north for a couple of hours until we hit Coimbra, Portugal’s former capital city.

Coimbra is home to a preserved medieval old town and the historic University of Coimbra. Soren did not fall into the fountain.

Tiles, tiles everywhere.

Inside sé velha de Coimbra — the old cathedral of Coimbra.

Soren walked into the church and knelt right down like it was regular.

The prettiest pink building you’ve ever seen.

We took a long walk up lots of hills to the famed University of Coimbra.

Great views from the top!

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