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Portugal Day 11 — Amarante (August 2017)

Our first full day in Amarante was a Saturday, so we began at the mercado, where local families have been selling their produce and wares for more than 100 years.

Tim couldn’t resist the meats.

Prettiest little town!

We walked to a nearby park, and Soren was excited there were enough stone benches for each person to have his/her own.

Travel checkers — perfect for a game in the park.

Our afternoon adventure included a crazy drive on narrow winding roads overlooking scary, steep cliffs, then a super hot hike to Fisgas de Ermelo. Tim had researched it pretty thoroughly and assured us it would be worth it. He was right!

This kid is a sucker for a good view.

Soren’s look by the end of the hike.

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, a herd of goats came waltzing down the road — followed by their shepherd!

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