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Portugal Day 13 — Amarante (August 2017)

Our last full day in Portugal was one of our most low key. We lounged around in the house in the morning since it was raining outside — maybe the only day of the two-week trip that bad weather kept us inside. Lots of thunder and lighting the night before. Shaw somehow slept through it all, but Soren needed a bedmate. (Which means Tim let me sleep in that morning!)

Once the sun came out we walked to the river and rented a paddle boat.

Mackenzie and I occupied the drivers’ seats — Tim handled the boys in the back.

We had lunch along the river on the cutest little patio.

Apparently some of the summer festivals in Portugal include fertility-related themes. One particularly peculiar custom is exchanging “bolos de São Gonçalo,” a sweet pastry and fertility symbol, unmistakably shaped like a man’s you-know-what.

Then back home for naps and quiet time. After a little more rain we took a walk to the Parque Florestal de Amarante (the park we’d visited a couple days before. This time we checked out the aviary and watched the peacocks fight.

For our last Amarante hurrah, we walked to get gelato and crepes.

Then we explored a bit of the town we hadn’t seen yet. We wandered over to the ruins of the Solar de Magalhães — a XVI century manor house owned by the Magellan family. We also went into the Igreja de São Pedro and got a great private tour by the caretaker there. He explained so many neat intricacies and symbols in the church that I have since forgotten… but at the time I remember thinking it was all very amazing!

Shaw became obsessed with church bells during our trip. So we had to video document some of his faves!

That night Tim and I took advantage of Mackenzie’s presence and went on a romantic date to… the grocery store. Had to prep for the next day’s travels!

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