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Portugal Day 14 — Lisbon to Ponta Delgada (August 2017)

We started our morning with breakfast on the porch before beginning the packing routine. (Mackenzie took the boys on a walk —thank goodness — while we tackled the suitcases.)

Packing — my nemesis.

Then, off to Lisbon to catch our flights. We stopped outside of Lisbon for lunch — kebabs and burgers. Then, to the airport.

Good thing we had someone to push the stroller!

The kids made friends. Meanwhile, Tim snuck off to his fancy lounge and brought us back some snacks.

An easy flight for all! (Tim and Shaw were in business class, again. Soren and I in the back with the regular folks.)

After we landed, we took a million years to figure out how to get to our apartment (no Ubers or Lyfts allowed at the airport, apparently, and no buses working). Eventually we got a cab (no car seats — yikes!). Our apartment for a night was lovely, but NO WIFI. I thought I might die, but it turned out I was fine. We bathed our filthy kids, then ventured out for dinner. Our apartment wasn’t in the greatest location for food, and a lot of things were already closed for the night. So… we ended up at Telepizza, a European chain that is… not good. BUT, they had a ball pit, where Tim captured the best video of our kids that we could ever imagine. We all went to bed around 11 p.m. — very unlike us, but we figured we might as well start adjusting back to EST!

If you’re a bacon lover, make sure you get the pizza with “crispy bacon, extra crispy bacon, and bacon.”

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