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Portugal Day 3 — Lagos to Odeceixe (August 2017)

Good morning, Lagos! I woke before everyone else and read in bed — a vacation luxury. Shaw and Tim woke at 9, and Soren the teenager finally appeared at 10 a.m.

Whether on vacation or at home, Soren always has a book with his breakfast.

After breakfast, showers, and packing everything up we headed to the marina for a midday boat tour of the grottoes, caves, and hidden beaches.

Lots of people on the water on this beautiful day!

Edgar was our fearless captain.

So fun to see a new view of the beaches we’d seen from the opposite side the day before.

Still not sure how the boats squeezed through the narrow tunnelways.

The camel’s head!

Then back we were on the walking bridge heading to the mainland.

We grabbed some delicious (and cheap — 3€ apiece) sandwiches and fruit for lunch at a little Italian place in town then continued our walk back to the car to head out of Lagos.

We all piled into the car and set off for the “end of the world” — Cabo de São Vicente. Shaw slept on the drive; Soren listened to books. I made some good progress on “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” The views along the coast were unreal. Cabo de São Vicente is the southwesternmost point in Portugal, and the cliffs are nearly vertical. And it was SUPER windy, so I’m not sure how people weren’t blown off the cliffs straight into the ocean. Part amazing, part terrifying. We explained to Soren how people used to think that what they could see here was it — ocean for miles and miles, no land in sight (talked about Christopher Columbus, etc.). Shaw slept through it all while we adults took turns waiting with him in the car.

Soren couldn’t get over having to pay to go to the bathroom. Sad face with his bathroom ticket.

Sneaky paparazzi.

Crazy windblown curls are the best!

Giant chair — perfect for photos, no idea what it’s really about.

Please don’t fall off the cliffs.

Tim said running around the cliffs taking photos was one of the highlights of his life.

Then on to Odeceixe — a drive Tim says was a trip highlight for him. “No one has ever had so much fun driving a manual Ford Focus wagon.” (Also, Soren almost barfed on the drive. Fortunately, his stomach of steel prevailed.)

Odeceixe is the cutest little old town you ever did see, built on a hill and with the narrowest cobblestone streets. And no sidewalks, so when a car is coming you press yourself up against the house or building you’re standing by. The crazy streets also meant no parking anywhere except the town center, about a 10-minute walk from our cute three-story Airbnb — also known as the IKEA house, because that place was basically from the IKEA catalogue (in a good way).

The apartment overlooked the town and was also RIGHT next door to a large church with VERY loud eardrum-blasting church bells. Once we heard those bells I immediately jumped on the Google to figure out if these were 24-hours-a-day bells. None of us would have slept, if so! Fortunately, I quickly figured out (via Airbnb reviews) that the bells would go silent between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. We got settled in at the house and then went in search of dinner.

Bell tower. As Shaw would say, “DING, DING.”

Orange roofs = Portugal.

This pretty stairway ran in between the church and our apartment. Photo credit and head chopped off via Soren.

And then he wanted to be IN the walking-down-the-stairs photo.

The kids were total psychos at dinner, so blessed Paulina took them for walks while we waited for food. (We eventually had to drag them home in punishment because they were so wild.)

Shaw ate SO many fried piri-piri prawns. Tim had pork and clams. I had a bread stew thingie with seafood and a squid egg mixed in. And we all went to bed too late.

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