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Portugal Day 5 — Odeceixe to Lisbon (August 2017)

Happy birthday, Soren! We’re lucky he had low (or no) expectations about his birthday, because we spent a chunk of the day packing and driving. We didn’t really do presents, but I did happen to have a dollar store travel checkers game we hadn’t used on the airplane, so that became his one gift. He happily played with it while we packed up the apartment to head to Lisbon!

Goodbye, Odeceixe!

We stopped an hour into our drive at Santiago do Cacem. Time for another castelo visit!

We made it to Lisbon by late afternoon and eventually found our apartment (after walking up and down the sidewalk past lots of buildings with hidden addresses). After unloading all our bags, Tim drove the rental car back to the airport and hopped on the metro to rejoin us.

Grumpy metro selfie.

The view from one side of our Lisbon apartment. Way up high!

This pretty hospital entrance was right outside our building.

Ah, the rooster — the most common emblem of Portugal.

For dinner, Soren decided he wanted paella after seeing some on a sign outside a restaurant. So we rounded up some paella and a few kebabs and met up in the park by Martim Moniz. There were musicians and dancers aplenty, so Soren decided to join in. These videos are mostly blurry, but I need to keep the memory of Soren dancing like a madman, running back to us for a bite of paella, then continuing to flail his arms and legs all over the park.

Birthday gelato! Lots of red and stripes going on.

Getting to know the Lisbon sites.

Lisbon at night.


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