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Portugal Day 6 — Lisbon (August 2017)

Our Lisbon apartment had a perfect view of the Castelo de São Jorge, which sits atop a hill looking over the city center. So visiting the castle was our first item of Lisbon business. We made our way there on foot, taking advantage of the free city elevators to get higher and higher until we finally reached the castle entrance.

Not a free elevator, but a cool one!

Views as we made our way up.

Walking along.

This guy was busy re-painting the doors. Soren was mesmerized.

I don’t know how many pictures I took of tiles I loved, but it’s probably in the hundreds.

Soren was more impressed with the views from the castle than I expected him to be. You don’t really expect your 5-year-old to appreciate the richness of international travel, but in this moment, he got it.

And then he sketched the scenes for a LONG while.

There were all sorts of peacocks running wild in the castle gardens.

I spy Tim and Shaw.

Tim and Shaw ran around the ramparts until Shaw couldn’t handle it anymore. They spied me and Soren down below.

Shaw taking a breather on Tim’s back.

Taking a water break on our walk home.

Seriously can’t get enough of the tiles.

We took a (crowded) tram ride — kids were in heaven, of course.

After bifanas for lunch and then a very long nap for Shaw, we headed back to the Alfana neighborhood for a DIY walking tour of all the amazing street art (and more tiles — duh). Lots of tiny streets and nooks and crannies and beautiful buildings.

A little historia de Lisboa.

Cobblestone streets: A nightmare for the stroller, a feast for the eyes.

Stopped for a refreshing juice at this cute spot.

Next up was our nightly dinner dilemma — should we grab something and bring it home or attempt a dinner out and hope the kids will hold it together after being out for hours and hours. (With the added dilemma of not knowing where to eat and not having great access to tried-and-true tools like Yelp.) We finally decided to throw in the towel and head home, but on our walk home we spied a tapas place that looked like it was worth a shot. And it was a winner — bacalhau, octopus, cheese, hot flaming sausage. Delicious.

And then another late bedtime… especially considering the next day would be a big one!

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