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Portugal Day 7 — Sintra (August 2017)

Sintra day! This was one of my favorite Portugal days. The most unique architecture and gardens and views and history.

We walked from our apartment to the Rossio train station, then rode for about 30 minutes to Sintra. No seats for us — so we gave the kids breakfast and entertained them on the floor.

Taking this sketch pad thing very seriously.

Took LOTS more pictures of fancy tiles.

Our first glimpse of Pena Palace. Pictures hardly do it justice!

Taking tiles to the next level — 3D!

That’s us hanging out in that little turret.

And then we began our long walk through the Palace gardens and on to the Castle of the Moors.

Reeeally missing my UppaBaby right about now!

We took lots of pictures of cool trees for Pappy!

Cookie break.

More trees for Pappy.

Goodbye to the Palace, and on to the Moorish Castle.

It was a long walk to get up there!

Stroller nap.

And here we are. This castle was incredible. And enormous. So many stairs and long, narrow paths.

Just trying to make sure Soren didn’t fall over that one-foot ledge to his death.

Taking a breather.

Battle scars.

The bus ride back down to the train station. Already been a long day for this kid!

Excuse my double chin, but this is probably what I looked like every second I was sitting and not breaking up a kid fight. Had to get through that book!

Back to Rossio (train station), back to Lisbon.

Nicely decorated trains.

End-of-adventure rewards.

That night, Tim and I finally took advantage of the babysitter situation and went out for an adults-only dinner.

And it’s a good thing we did, because we got to talking about Soren’s upcoming kindergarten year, and we decided to… not do it after all. A surprise decision, for sure, but definitely the right one (and an exciting one — a year of play time for us at home!). So… just wanted to document my night with this guy.

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