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Portugal Day 8 — Lisbon (August 2017)

This Wednesday was a low-key day in Lisbon. Tim spent the day at his conference, and we headed out on a long-ish walk (thanks to all the hills) to a nearby park for our morning outing.

Sights along our walk.

Halfway around the world and we can still find construction to spectate.

Finally made it to the playground!

Dump Trump!

While we were at the park, Mackenzie arrived from Virginia! We headed back to the apartment to get her settled and to give Shaw his nap. In the afternoon, we went out for another walk — this time along the water.

We had dinner at the Time Out Market — a fancy food court. I wish I could remember everything we ate. We sat at a table in the middle and Tim would run off to one shop or another and bring us back the best Portuguese delicacies. Jamon iberico, pizza, fried squid, and much, much more — and all of it amazing.

Topped it all off with gelato, of course.

I loaded up on Father’s Day goods at Loja Das Conservas — the store was so cute it almost made me want to eat sardines.

Had to stop for TP on the way home. Thanks for schlepping it, Soren.

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