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September 2014

September: The month of random events and photos.


Soren has breakfast with Tim every morning while I’m working. These two creatures of habit eat pretty much the same thing every day — oatmeal for Soren and peanut butter/honey toast for Tim. One day I came out to find Soren had made an exciting change to the menu — peanut butter by the handful, with a bowl of Os and strawberries (and it looks like there’s a nice dollop of PB on the cereal as well).


Soren yells for “PARM” when pasta is being served, but this day he decided to gnaw on the whole block for his meal.


The first week of September was plenty warm for a Walden visit. Nothing like a Wednesday morning at the beach.


Walden’s water is heaven on earth.


Soren on the slide during a park date with Tim.


And another trip to Walden — we went twice in one week so Tim could join us for our Saturday adventure.


He swims!


And then he insists on using the largest towel we own.


We took a Sunday walk at the Arboretum. Soren requests nature walks quite frequently.


Driving with this boy has become really fun. Every car ride is filled with sights of his favorite things — trains and backhoes and people on bikes and stoplights. Sometimes he’s quiet, just observing the scenery. Other times he’s blabbing non-stop. On the day I took this photo, he was on a roll. In the 10-minute drive to the gym, he had me cracking up on three separate occasions: 1) I experience mild road rage most times I drive, and Soren began yelling ”COME ON” at various cars on the road. 2) He decided to rename speed bumps ”funny hills.” 3) Since we were going to meet Tim, Soren was on the lookout. So, naturally, each time we passed a male he let me know ”that’s not dada.”


Sometimes, so I can remember the moment, I snap a photo when Soren says something funny. While checking out at Target this day he told me, “I love people” as he gazed around the store.

Soren was a little sad one Thursday when we learned Alyssa was sick and wouldn’t be able to come over to play. All day he kept saying, “Alyssa? Sick? Bed?” So he made her a video to send his love.

I bought a construction magnet set for a long car ride when Soren was still mastering the pincer grasp. Turns out it’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made, since he still plays with it a few times a week. And now that he’s getting into pretend play, it’s even better!


September 18 marked our four-year wedding anniversary! Tim and I celebrated on separate continents. He ended up with the more exotic location for sure (Netherlands). Soren and I had a grand time that day, doing cool stuff like going to the cell phone store and the park, getting in some work time while the babysitter was over, and then making soup for dinner (since Tim doesn’t eat soup). But Tim did bring back the best chocolates of my life (Puccini Bamboni), so we’re all happy here.


Tim got home from the Netherlands around midnight on a Saturday night. And then he was off at 6 a.m. for a church meeting Sunday morning. So while Soren and I drove to a separate meeting at 7 a.m. that morning, I told him we were going to see someone extra special at church that day (he hadn’t seen Tim for four days). He said, “Sister Parker?” very excitedly. Nope Soren, just dad. After Tim and Soren were reunited, they went adventuring to the construction sites around our church.


This kid is seriously livin’ the dream.

I keep trying to record Soren reading some of his favorite books, but I fail miserably every time. In true toddler fashion, he refuses to comply with my stage-mom tendencies. He’s REALLY cute when he reads “Roadwork,” since he has almost the entire book memorized. In this video he made it about two pages in before getting terribly distracted.

Sometimes I just like to take videos of him playing. And I love recording his cute voice. But, of course, in most of the videos I take all you hear is me talking.


On the last Saturday of the month, the sun was shining and the temps were in the low 80s. So, like the dummies we are, we spent the morning indoors. Soren didn’t seem to know the difference.



Soren ended up with a baguette and no pants on our drive home from the museum and park. It’s not an uncommon occurrence.


It was surely the last hot day of the year, so we spent the evening at a new splash park that, oddly, opened at the end of the summer.


Tim is a good dad. I would probably never run through the water in my clothes for the sake of my kid.

That night I took off for the General Relief Society Meeting, and Tim captured our goodbye on camera. Soren says, “I love you” in most situations, but whenever I demand his affection it turns into, “I love me.” I think he really means it.


And this is what our end-of-September driveway looks like. Leaves, leaves everywhere, in all sizes and shapes and colors. Sometimes when I talk about the colors of the leaves, Soren says, “autumn time!” and it’s really cute.

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