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September 2015

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After so many years in Boston, we finally made it to the deCordova Sculpture Park at the start of September. It was a 95-degree day, but we made a big morning of it by hitting Drumlin Farm first and then exploring the fun creations at deCordova.

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One Friday morning Soren and I went to BU to participate in one of their child development studies (partially because we love supporting research, partially because I love seeing the way he reacts to the various scenarios they put him in). While we were out, we jumped on the train to Copley for some library and park fun. We tried to take a selfie at Copley Square and had a few failed attempts.

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IMG_20150904_120606 (1)

IMG_20150904_120619 (1)

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This is from a Soren/Tim adventure, so I’m not entirely sure what it’s about. But I think this is somewhere along the Charles?

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We spent one Saturday in Maine at Tim’s boss’ amazing beach house. We made a stop along the way at an underwhelming nature center near Plum Island. But the views were lovely!

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And then, the beach.

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The next day we packed up our post-church dinner and took it to the temple for a picnic.

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We paddled around the river on Labor Day.

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We spied loads of turtles along the banks.

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A few days later we found ourselves at Walden for an afternoon swim. We didn’t expect to be entertained by a bubble man! (Tim and Soren are in the background here — Soren is on Tim’s shoulders.)

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IMG_20150909_181726 (1)

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Every time we go to the beach or pond in the fall I get a little panicked that it’ll be our final trip for the year. Fortunately, this September Walden visit was not our last.

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Our second annual ward clambake (organized by me!) went off without a hitch! Although this is the only photo I managed to snap.

IMG_20150912_191548 (1)

We snagged a few extra lobsters and turned them into lobster mac and cheese.

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And then, life as we knew it was forever changed with the start of preschool for Soren. Tim and I attended the parents’ meeting the week before (while the babysitter put Soren to bed!), and it was the weirdest feeling. I was prepared for a rough transition and difficulties with separation. I cried on his “first” day, which was actually just a one-hour, ease-into-things introduction day. But Soren had no trouble and has been SO happy there. I’ve had a much more difficult time than he has — I hate not knowing what he’s doing for three hours without me! Though he’s spent plenty of time apart from me with a babysitter or at the gym nursery or at his EI toddler group, I was always nearby and had a general idea of what he was up to. So I worried a LOT those first few weeks of school. But both he and I have really fallen in love with his school and his amazing teachers.

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After his first day we celebrated with a trip to a nearby park, where Soren braved the crazy tall slide.

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Uncle Ben came to town, so we tried a new North End dinner spot. Soren made his way along the Freedom Trail.

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We spent our five-year anniversary in Cape Cod — with Soren and Ben. We started at Mayflower Beach, which was a little rockier than we remembered at high tide.

IMG_20150917_161531 (1)

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This picture pretty perfectly captures Soren’s preferred way to play at the beach. He takes the role of superintendent, bossing other people around and telling them what to build for him.

IMG_20150917_170401 (1)

I spy Tim, Soren, and Ben — way out on a sandbar.

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The next morning we went for Mayflower again, this time to enjoy low tide.

IMG_20150918_115153 (1)

The shallow pools make it our favorite.

IMG_20150918_115123 (1)

Too big to fit anything but my stretchiest swimsuit top.

IMG_20150919_102330 (1)

The next morning we tried out West Dennis Beach for an oceanside experience.

IMG_20150919_104017 (1)

It wasn’t our favorite, but the seashells were superb (that’s what those three boys are searching for in the shallow water).

IMG_20150919_170846 (1)

After naps, we made our way to Corporation Beach.

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IMG_20150919_173600 (1)

IMG_20150919_174508 (1)

Anniversary selfie.

IMG_20150919_175846 (1)

IMG_20150919_180326 (1)

And after a spin on the swings, we called it a trip.

IMG_20150920_121943 (1)

This is on our drive back to Boston — Soren’s hand on my belly, my hand on Soren’s. We stayed this way for awhile.

IMG_20150920_145350 (1)

Probably once every three months or so, Soren has a fluke early wakeup from his nap, and the only way to save it is to bring him into our bed and hope he falls back asleep. Tim and I have lots of photos like this that we’ve texted to each other over the years — trapped in bed with the sleeping boy.

IMG_20150921_173227 (1)

Soren has inherited his parents’ poor art skills, and he’s never been interested in coloring or drawing. When we play outside, he wants me or Tim (or Paulina) to do all the sidewalk chalk work — and of course he dictates what we draw. But this month he turned a corner and actually attempted something on his own! Miracle! I think it may be his first attempt at drawing a person. It’s pretty much a head and a penis. In his words, “Look how long it is!”

IMG_20150921_174605 (1)

IMG_20150926_110227 (1)

Tim and Soren rode to the end of the Minuteman one Saturday. And the train car in Bedford was open for touring — the first time we’ve seen that happen.

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I’m starting to feel a little bit silly at the gym, attempting all my same workouts but with a huge belly and an extra 30 pounds hindering me. This was at about 32 weeks — funny how I thought I looked enormous then. You should see me now just three weeks later!

IMG_20150930_120332 (1)

Oh, library day. Nothing better than a huge stack of new books. It’s the one day of the week Soren will sit silently in his room for a long stretch. Our favorite is to make a big bowl of popcorn after naps and then read a ton of books together right in a row.

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