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September 2016

September 1 was cloudy and almost-rainy, but we decided to risk it and head to the Frog Pond. There’s something about the last days of summer that makes you crave getting out!

Soren scooted all over Boston shirtless and shoeless. Livin’ the dream.

We decided to throw a very casual birthday party with friends in our new backyard. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting made a very easy birthday cake!

We ordered a grown-up couch on Labor Day. Real furniture!

We were wise to bring books for Soren to read while we deliberated over colors and textures.

Post-shopping nature walk.

Babes in a box.

Soren paid his first visit to a real hair salon. Second haircut ever, and very somber!

The cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

First day of a new school!

Being able to walk to preschool is the most glorious thing. On our first day, I had to sprint home since Shaw and I got caught in a downpour.

Tim and I had to go to a too-trendy restaurant for a work assignment, of sorts. We felt a little out of place there, but once I started eating the tater tot nachos none of that mattered. They may look a little scary here, but they were amazing.

And then Tim had to lay down in the T station because of too many nachos.

This video is long and slooow. But I had to document Soren’s first attempts at reading. Out of nowhere, I noticed one day he was sounding out words. So I checked out a few early readers from the library and put him to the test.

After the first week of school, separation anxiety started setting in. His teachers said we could chalk it up to all the changes of the month prior (moving to a new house/neighborhood, attending a new church, starting a new school, etc.) combined with the fact that Shaw was now old enough to be having fun and playing with mama alone while Soren was away. So Soren and I celebrated the close of a successful school week with chocolate croissants from Quebrada.

Soren and I went to the fireworks and celebration for Arlington’s Town Day. We splurged on a light saber (or “light saver,” to Soren), which was pretty much the greatest thing he’d ever seen.

If you’re gonna leave your shoes out, you might as well do something cute with them! Good job, Soren.

Tim took both boys out for their first shared spin in the bike trailer. Look at that hand holding!

We finally sold my dead car, and it was a little bit heartbreaking. I miss the Civic!

The kids and I went to Walden one warm fall afternoon and ran into some paddle boarding friends there. So Soren got to take a turn!

The kids and I were spoiled one morning by Britax and Boston Moms Blog. We received a free, fancy stroller (for review purposes), plus lunch, treats, and a stroller demo.

Shaw was obsessed with Cuisine en Locale’s corn on the cob.

With zero encouragement from us or Soren, Shaw is becoming a machine lover like his older brother.

Our cart was especially full one morning when we picked up a few items for our neighbors. These kids love our Costco runs!

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  1. Rachael February 12, 2017 at 9:48 pm Reply

    This was a happy September 🙂

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