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September 2017

We put the “labor” in Labor Day by moving our new fridge into our house… in a rather creative fashion.

We had come home from Virginia in JULY to a broken fridge/freezer. (Which means we said goodbye to a couple hundred dollars worth of food.) After it was deemed irreparable, we ordered a new one and awaited its arrival. But then delivery guys COULD NOT GET IT INTO OUR HOUSE (or get the old one out of the house). They tried removing doors, they tried both stairways. (We later learned the previous owners had had the fridge hoisted up by a crane and brought in to the second floor during their renovations.) In the process, the delivery guys realized part of the fridge was actually damaged and should be sent back anyway.

So… we waited and waited (relying on two mini fridges to get us through), and after six weeks with no real fridge/freezer, we got our second delivery and brought over a crew of friends from church. We took the railings off of our second-story porch, got some ropes, and away we went. First we ditched the broken fridge.

We used our kids’ wagon to bring the new fridge from the garage to the front of the house.

And then, we (they) hoisted!

Lots of styrofoam left over for sword fights.

We celebrated that evening with a bike ride to Lexington for pizza and playground time.

That week was back-to-school for Boston kids, but since we decided to hold off on kindergarten for a year, we continued our summer play with a Walden trip.

We decided to build some structure into our school year, though, in a homeschool sort of fashion. On Mondays Soren began attending a STEM class at Ready, Set, Kids!, and on Wednesdays he did a Spanish class at the same place. Thursdays were for woodsy playgroup, and Fridays were Soren’s favorite — farm school at Wright-Locke Farm. All that fun left lots of time for me and Shaw to play by ourselves!

Shaw has the cutest head nods and shakes for “yes” and “no.” We made a number of attempts to document.

One Saturday we had a work day at the garden, so the kids ran free at the playground and found a little frog friend! (We rewarded ourselves later with bagel sandwiches in Davis Square.)

We took advantage of the perfect fall weather and enjoyed a nature walk one Sunday morning in the Fells.

Thank goodness for this wagon. Tim used it one night to make deliveries to the neighbors (a borrowed mini fridge from one, a stroller from another).

Just another woodsy playgroup day in the Fells.

Shaw has become adept at pointing out the blazes that mark the trails (trying to impress his hiking grandparents).

Soren waits all year for town day — he knows he can sucker Tim into buying him a lightsaber (which will break a few days later) while they watch the fireworks.

We had our summer celebration halfway through September to wrap up our summer goals project. We had to modify our goals somewhat, but I’d call the whole thing a success! We base our goals off the scripture in Luke (2:52) that says, “And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” So we do one goal for each of those four categories.

We celebrated at Kimball Farm (finally using some free passes we earned when we bought our car!) with bumper cars, a zip line, ice cream, and more!

We live for Kimball Farm’s sundaes.

This seems to be the only picture I took on our anniversary, and it has nothing to do with our anniversary. I have no idea why there was an eggshell on the stairs going up to my bedroom. Where are the insides?! Oh, kids.

Each week after farm class at Wright Locke Farm, the kids got to take turns on the barn swing until the parents arrived. Could there be a better swing setup?!

I have way too many pictures and videos of partially dressed kids!

Will it fall?!

September days at Walden are just the best. (Until we’re leaving for the day and don’t know if we’re saying goodbye for the day or for the season!)

The next day was another hot one, so we ventured to Cambridge for a splash pad day (why does every other town shut theirs down by Labor Day?!).

Our last day in the woods for September was a magical one. One of those days where the imaginative play was at its peak!

Peek-a-boo over the blowdown.

I don’t know how this game began, but it had something to do with sleeping.

One day Soren was playing with this matching game and figured out the concept of square numbers. His mind amazes me.

Soren got his own library card! Age 5 is magical already.

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