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Life Lately

Sometimes when Soren is sleeping and the house is very quiet, I miss him. I might not have said that… Continue reading »

Have Baby Will Travel

Although we have yet to purchase plane tickets, our little family is headed to Israel in June. Tim will attend… Continue reading »

Six-Month Recap

Soren passed his six-month checkup today, so I better record his stats before he grows any bigger. (Side note: Soren… Continue reading »

Half a Year

This boy is six months old. It feels like it’s been a million years since the amazing August day of his… Continue reading »


Although I’ve toned it down quite a bit, I initially found it really hilarious to excitedly announce each of Soren’s… Continue reading »

Week One

August feels like a million years ago, but I’m finally sorting through all the photos we’ve taken since Soren’s birth… Continue reading »

the vacation

It’s time for a vacation. I deserve it. Tim and I flew to Virginia this afternoon, and we’re more than… Continue reading »